BOK turning into a price-rising stable-coin!

BOK which is the native token of the Blockium platform for financial gamification is now listed for sale on the platform. The token acts as the primary means for participating on Blockium. The platform allows direct and easy purchase of BOK while adding an advanced model which ensures profit for BOK holders and buyers. Thus, users no longer need to go through a wallet, exchange, etc., to purchase BOK which makes the process easy and simple.

The price of the token will rise every day and this provides an opportunity for investors to earn constant returns. Initially, BOK was listed at 0.00000021 and each day the price rises by 0.00000001. Since the price rises daily by 0.00000001, the investors have a chance to gain ensured growth from the listing price on a daily basis. The revenues earned through the BOK purchases are also being deployed to list the BOK token on top crypto exchanges.

Since the launch, the leaderboard and the balance on the platform were reflected in Bitcoin (BTC) and most of the competitions were in BTC, USD and other cryptocurrencies. From now on, the main balance and the leaderboard are reflected in BOK and most of the competitions are in BOK too. The rationale behind this change is to create an ecosystem on Blockium which creates more utility and demand for the BOK token.

Moreover, we are introducing a BOK in-app store, where the users can purchase various features and enhancements using BOK. In order to provide benefits to both the gamers as well as the investors at large, the BOK listing is managed as follows:

BOK for gamers:
Gamers are not usually affected from the exact price or small price changes as long as they can purchase enough tokens at a relatively low price. However, the most important thing is that gamers would still need BOK to participate in the Blockium competition. For them, the BOK store and the BOK-based voting page is an added advantage and this increases the need for BOK purchase as well.

BOK for investors:
From the investor’s perspective, the daily price growth is crucial as it allows them to make higher returns. The price increases by 0.00000001 every day thus for example, the investors are able to double their investments in the next 20 days, provided they bought BOK on the first day. Therefore, the constant price growth every day provides opportunities to investors to profit from holding BOK.

Why does the gamer buy in the BOK store?
BOK store’s items list offers a variety of capabilities and features, which will directly affect the gamer’s experience and make it more exciting with more potential to win. In fact, the most powerful value of the BOK ecosystem is based on the interest and usage of BOK by gamers in Blockium. Moreover, the recent innovations on the platform ensure that the value of the BOK will rise as the gamer’s participation increases. Changes such as the BOK-based leaderboard, BOK-based competitions, BOK-based voting and the BOK store enhances the BOK ecosystem and incentives. These increased offerings ensure that gamers buy in the BOK store.

How will the in-app BOK purchase and the BOK store effect the project?
As gamers continue to buy in the BOK store, the utility, demand and the circulation of the token increases. This mechanism will stabilize the BOK price globally close to the BOK price at Blockium. In addition, the company’s revenues from the BOK store will be financing, among other things, the business development of Blockium & the BOK, such as listing the BOK on leading exchanges.

Investors make high returns by holding BOKs
The Blockium ecosystem allows its community to interact using Discord and Telegram and offer the bids that enable sellers and buyers to sell among themselves. This allows the matching of buyers and sellers on our channels. Gamers should be willing to buy BOK for even a little bit lower price than that offered on Blockium and therefore, there is no reason for anyone to sell BOK at a much lower price than offered on Blockium. This will stabilize BOK global price around the BOK price on Blockium. At the same time, the price change is reflected on the partner exchanges when the prices on the Blockium platform rises. As a result, the investors who are holding on to the BOK gain high returns as the price grows.

In a nutshell, we are very excited to introduce the listing of BOK directly on the Blockium platform as we are dedicated to offering higher returns to our investors. This advanced model ensures higher profit for BOK holders and buyers as the price rises.

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