Gamification of Coins: Simplifying Cryptocurrency Trading

Gamification is the process of taking something that already exists and integrating gaming tactics to give it a more simplified and approachable touch. In today’s world where everything is fast-paced and results are an immediate necessity by the short-attention spanned millennials, gamification flourishes.

Gamification’s Instant Gratification

When we think communication, we have a range of social mediums that allow for fast and direct contact. When we think of dating, we can simply swipe to the left or right on a range of applications to pick a date. Companies all over the world have caught on to this mentality and have implemented gamification so there customers will buy more. From clothing stores to Airlines we have seen a rise in points and rewards system that encourage customers to buy more for points and miles just like in a game except consumers are rewarded with cheaper products and benefits.

Cryptocurrency Appeal

When we think crypto we have many things that excite us like the privacy and quick access to one’s money with no banks to go through. We can simply send money directly to anyone in the world without a third-party to go through. So how can we make trading cryptocurrency just like simplified apps like Tinder?

We use the same concept of gamification and apply it to cryptocurrency trading. Cryptocurrency experts agree that gaming can help develop crucial trading skills.

At Blockium this is exactly what we do. You don’t need a special wallet, and you don’t even need to buy bitcoin. Combining cryptocurrency trading and real money gaming, our company developed a peer-to-peer system which allows people to compete in cutting edge tournaments. Our user-friendly platform allows for traders to choose a coin to rise or fall, so you can win money when the market is down. Simplifying cryptocurrency trading to a gaming platform, we have allowed for you to participate and profit while having the fun of gaming.

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