We are pleased to announce that BOK tokens have been added to the listing of the Lukki.io crypto-exchange platform.

Lukki combines the cryptocurrency exchange with an innovative gamification process. Lukki is going to transform the monotonous trading process and combine the best functions of a cryptocurrency exchange with an innovative gamification process that has no analogues.

Some updates about what Blockium is doing to increase users and demand:

1. We will introduce BOK in-app store inside Blockium where Blockium users use BOK to purchase various in-app items and abilities. This should increase demand for BOK.

2. We will introduce in-app voting page inside Blockium where voting…

Let’s talk about moving BTC in and out of Blockium. Recently, we’ve added new deposit and withdraw features both on our mobile app and desktop version. Thanks to swift integration, these features are easy to use and reliable. Here’s a few questions we thought you might have:

How do I deposit?

Both for mobile…

Earning Money in Blockium by Organizing Tournaments

Blockium now offers competition organizers 50% of the revenue from the competitions they organize. For big competitions that can be a very big profit.

The platform revenue is the commission taken from the tournaments entrance fees and we share 50% of this revenue…

Asset Alert!

We have just finished our API integration with OKEX, bringing more assets to your fingertips. We chose OKEx because we found them to be regularly featured among the top 5 global exchanges by 24 hour trade volume on coinmarketcap.com. …

Great news are coming to the BOK holder and the ecosystem.
Token holders will earn more! BTC trading, BOK dividends and staking and more!

BOK BTC initial bonus:

Any BOK deposited to the Blockium app in advance of the listing day will enjoy a bonus of up to 10% in BTC according to certain…

Greeting User!

We are excited to announce some upgrades coming to the Blockium App. But first, as of today the Blockium App has passed API integration testing with OKEX, meaning the user shall have twice as many assets to customize their portfolio with. OKEX, “The most trusted digital exchange”, will…


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