Ammo and how it works.

Blocksafe is creating something that the world has never seen before. We are American based and hold American values close to heart. We want to nourish innovation as those who came before us did.

But we also know that the community will need incentives.

So how do we create a decentralized network that will change the face of defense?

We reward the people who are making our network possible.

How your masternode will generate ammo for future investments

Let’s talk economics.

To have your own master node you need to hold 1500 Triggers (TrigX)

Your master node will reward 25% of 1500 Triggers (TrigX) in AMMO monthly

This comes out to 1500 x 25%=375 AMMO per master node

(Now here’s the best part)

EDIT 1/1/2018:
The price of AMMO will be determined by the market

There will be a cap of 60 million Ammo.

Triggers (TrigX) gains value, so does AMMO.

More details in the coming whitepaper.

Thank you!