Blocksafe AMA — Dec 1st

AMA was a huge success! We were asked some really great ones. Thank you to everyone who asked us their questions! Here’s the recap.

Hello, tell me please trig wallet launch date?
Estimate of launch is end of 1st quarter of 2018.

Why does TrigX need their own decentralized exchange? 
So pilot projects may have the opportunity to use their subtokens for outside economic support and hedge against abusive behaviors.

Will TRIG be listed on any new exchanges? Can you disclose which ones and when? 
Yes, we will be listed on other exchanges. We will announce when it is mutually announced between both parties.

Are there any more letters of intent? 
Not that we have permission to share at this time.

Will my trig on Bittrex need to be exchanged for trigx or will it be automatically converted? 
The swap will occur through listed exchanges.

Are there any real new partnerships? Ones that don’t just want free stuff? All partners start with pilots and with products. As they will have different use cases and use the network to satisfy their respective needs.

Are you guys renaming it TrigX because you partnered with SpaceX?
No, I just thought it has a good ring to it.

How old is everyone on the team?
Average is 30–50 years old. You can find more information about the team on our website. Http://

There will be a separate white paper for AMMO?

Would you consider doing live video with the team reading and answering questions for the next AMA? Or any other form than this one actually. And i know there will be a summary released after, but still…
This is planned.

What is the biggest goal you want to reach by end of this year?
Reduce volatility so that investors see more stable market cap range which has swung from 30m to 80m, as we have institutional investors in talks with us. We want to be able to forecast our market cap in 2018.

With the new allocation of government defense funding toward blockchain development, is Blocksafe at the forefront for getting these funds to help further implementation of products such as Justifire?
We have taken all measures to assure that, such as partnering with Deltek , sponsoring DOD /Gov summits through our friends at DSI to have face to face with these powerful companies and government agencies in defense and other parts of government, a veteran owned company carries much more weight for contracts to enhance these efforts.

In percentages of your annual budget, how much did your sponsorship of the DSI conference and connected extra costs, like team hotels and travel, account for? 
We pay fiat, so depends on market, Thanks to the increase in bitcoin price we can gain more liquidity. We are able to provide more support to our partners and marketing efforts.

When will the application of technology be implemented in practice? 
When we launch GunshotSpot, near the swap time or soon after which will be launched in mobile app stores.

How many employees of blocksafe are there now and are you looking to expand team or do you have a full team at this time?
12 members of the team. We are always working on adding more team members who would greatly benefit Blocksafe.

Does the CEO look the price at bittrex and what he think about this? Because investors show “fully respect” to this project lowest price to “good news with NASA and whitepapers”? 
We are grateful for the opportunity to be on Bittrex and are focused on the projects’ proper development for our partners, thus the price will follow confidence of project as it matures and nodes are launched to reflect true value versus current speculative demand.

Will Justifire be one of your “branches” in the network after AMMO? If yes, how many branches do you expect until the end of the year — 2018?
Will you be setting new networks for each pilot? Blocksafe receives partial IP ownership, royalties from TrigX, Ammo and traditional device sale . We do not accept any company ownership — thus the risk derived are deprecated protecting the investors and Blocksafe.

Do you currently have any LOIs or contracts with any American space organization? 
We are at the stage before that, they are initiating conversations with their engineers to see what use cases to pilot.

Having been an Active Duty Army medic for the last 13 years and seeing many changes within the system, are there any plans to move into various sectors of the military that need substantial help? For example, medical readiness in the military is a huge concern along with digitized medical records systems. Each service uses a different system in tracking medical readiness for their personnel. As the military moves forward with creating joint bases (Lewis-McChord, Walter Reed) with joint interests and integrating all military services under a joint medical umbrella, I see your connections with the DOD and other various governmental sources as a foot in the door to solve some of these complex problems using your Blockchain. What are your thoughts in expanding the scope of Blocksafe to tackle other various military/DOD needs? 
Yes, as the use cases evolve that Blocksafe can be applied to, we would be willing to explore further. We have been told there is much interest in different government agencies.

Will BlockSafe hire a chart person that knows when to release news and a PR person that knows how to release the news without causing a pump and dump?
Nothing will stop pump and dump on exchanges, but soon more will wish to participate in the behavior as exchanges grasp hold of that abusive behavior. Every token has these issues with that behavior.

What is the monthly refund is masternode?
Working on the technicals. Leaning towards 25% - subject to change as more testing is done.

Triggers is an American company it should know that proof of stake in masternodes is going to have a big problem with the SEC when they regulate this type of thing just like etherium is going to have a big problem because they are moving to proof of stake and that’s going to be considered a security within the United States Neo is also going to have the same problem?
That is a speculative statement currently. Triggers (TrigX) is a product /service as you will be able to buy network data management access in retail via nfc cards loaded with TrigX etc.. Blocksafe tokens represent the same.

Are you saying all you need is 1500? Nothing else? Please publish exactly what will be required of an investor to be granted a masternode?
 To Be Determined, in 1st quarter of 2018, after more testing.

What are the qualifications an investor needs to be granted a masternode? 
1500 Triggers per master node.

Any word on Satellites? 
We have entered/disrupted the space to some degree by having conversations which helped to highlight us.