Blocksafe Master Nodes

Preface: Blocksafe is an American made blockchain. We firmly believe in our vision and want to ensure that our devices/network/partners will always be born from American ingenuity.

Triggers WILL BE CHANGING TO TrigX once we move to our own Blockchain. We are planning to move to our own blockchain end of Q1 2018. We will continue testing our wallet and but so far it is working successfully.

Master Nodes will require 1500 Triggers

You can have multiple nodes only if there are multiple systems running the wallet with 1500 Triggers each. 1 system with over 1500 Triggers will still be 1 Master Node. To have more Master Nodes it will be required to have multiple systems.

Master Nodes will reward AMMO Tokens. This will be the main Sub Token.

Holding Triggers rewards AMMO. AMMO is used to purchase sub tokens.

AMMO Tokens will be used to trade for Side Chain tokens
(Partners that are using the network.)

There will only ever be 60 Million AMMO.

The pairs will be as follows.


We create the sidechain for each use case/partner. Each partner will have their own subtoken.


Neo has Gas. Holding a Neo Masternode gives GAS. Where we differ is we will have an extra layer to ensure that our subtokens have their own value.

Issues that are resolved by this:

Never making more Triggers
It allows for side chains to trade their tokens back and forth in case they want to raise revenue and liquidate. This would allow them to be liquid to help sustain their development.
This allows side chains to have their own chains. So it allows them to not have a bloated blockchain full of other chains info. Each partner can have their own chain à la carte.

A whitepaper on this will be released in the following weeks.

Thank you!