Blocksafe Q&A November 2017

Nov 21, 2017 · 6 min read

Q) Is TRIG only used for smart gun technologies, or will there be more use cases in the future?

A) In our current roadmap, we are focused on building a defense network. Future use cases will be available and open to the community. By building the most dependable, safe, and widely spread network possible we plan to incubate projects outside of defense technologies as well down the road.

The vision for the Blocksafe Foundation is to become something much larger, in the future we plan to have multiple projects under our umbrella.

Q) How can Blocksafe technology be used in space industry?

A) The way that we’ve built our network, with quantum resistance in mind, we firmly believe that the utility comes in having a network that is decentralized, secure, and efficient. Because of this its usefulness is something that any organization would want to have access to. While we cannot go into specifics, the space and defense industries have shown a growing interest.

Q) Do you already have connections with NASA and Lockheed Martin?

A) Yes.

Q) And do you think you will be a contractor for NASA and Lockheed Martin as you became one for U.S. Defense?

A) We will know after the space and resilience conference.

Q) What will be the impacts of smart gun technology in personal and private use cases? How will it benefit people? And how will benefit defense industries?

A) Our network will make the world a safer place. The vision of the Blocksafe Foundation will always be to empower individuals to make the right choices. In the World’s current state we’ve seen growing violence. Whether we empower armed or unarmed individuals our aim is focused on creating a society in which violence is virtually eliminated.

Q) Since TRIG’s achievements aren’t well known around the crypto community, what are some improvements and changes you are working on to make your TRIG, your mission, and your achievements well known?

A) There is a specific reason Trig (Triggers) is not well-known in the crypto community. Our application is something that is physical and will be used by different industries. Since this is the case, we’ve primarily focused on reaching investors and organizations in a face to face manner. We are happy to disclose that a lot of our meetings have gone exceptionally well. Now that we’ve brought on a full team, marketing included, we will have a more structured approach to our announcements.

Q) Are you working on having your own conferences, other than sponsoring other important conferences?

A) Yes, our relationship with the DSI group has lead to our sponsoring the Blockchain in Government conference at the end of January.

Q) Why has U.S. Defense Department chosen to work with TRIG, before any other blockchain technology? What are team’s, and tech’s important qualifications to make such an accomplishment happen?

A) The Blocksafe foundation is a pioneer in the defense space. Our team is comprised of people with military experience in communications, data delivery, and avionics. Because of this, we have leveraged their connections and skill sets to get us in front of the right audiences. Our specific specialties are confidential at this time.

Q) Are you looking to expand your team? And if you do, which parts of the team will be expanding first, and why?

A) We’ve already begun team expansion. We will be finished December 1st.

Q) Are you applying for government, and defense grants, to increase the budget of Blocksafe foundation for faster growth?

A) Of course.

Q) Would you be only working with U.S. Government, Defense, and institutions related to U.S. or would you be expanding your tech to all over the globe?

A) Our first and primary focus will always be the United States of America and her allies.

Q) TRIG’s technology got top secret clearance: What does this mean for investors? Will you be making technologies that will make Blocksafe foundation more profitable?

A) As you say, TRIG is top secret. In light of this we cannot release any information that would put our investors at risk.

Q) Are you planning a new road map this year?

A) We will release a lot of new information next week, including an updated road map for the first quarter of 2018.

Q) What connections you already have with NASA? Anything clear or just works that may be something at some point?

A) We currently have a solid relationship with NASA and other government entities. As for the works and details we cannot disclose anything as it is top secret.

Q) Why AMA always took place when price was at cheap price ?

A) This current AMA is the first step toward making our announcements more concise. We have on boarded marketing and PR to help with all situations in regards to community, marketing, public relations and all other aspects. We plan to have a more structured brand and marketing campaign from this point forward.

Q) Hi Kevin, What are you doing to attract developers and device manufacturers to the Blocksafe Network? Are you working on an SDK or something so developers can easily integrate Blocksafe tech into their devices? Thanks!

A) Blocksafe is providing an API and an SDK so that developers and innovators can easily make use of the infrastructure that we are building. We are also incubating device partners such as Justifire and Triggersmart. Also, the consortium partners get on boarded with our media, marketing, design, and business development teams to ensure that they fall in line with the Blocksafe network and have support in continued growth.

Q) Kevin, no technical questions, but maybe you can let us all know your excitement level going into next weeks conferences without getting into any details. If you’re excited, so are we!

A) Now that we have a more organized team, my excitement is increased 5 fold with the approaching conferences. It will not only be myself, but the Blocksafe team moving forward. What other project enables their partners to accompany them to an event with such a high profile audience like NASA?

Q) For the top secret things, how can they affect the coin if they cannot be disclosed? How is the relation business/coin?

A) Just because the contracts are private, does not mean that they will be using a different blockchain. They will be using the same trig.

Q) Are you aware of any competing companies trying to achieve similar goals to yours? If so, how much progress have they made compared to you? Are there opportunities for some sort of partnerships?

A) I am currently unaware of any other companies that are pursuing the same goal. But we are open to collaboration and partnerships in the consortium. Which is why we see ourselves as pioneering the future of defense.

Q) What was the initial impulse to pursue this goal? And what role blockchain tech played in all this? Was it part of it from the start?

A) For me, my impulse, my reason for pursuing this project is the protection of my children and their children’s rights in the future. I saw blockchain as an opportunity to create something that solves a problem that could not be solved before.

Q) How is the relation business/coin? If you close contracts, how that affects the coin? The sdk is to provide solutions for your products? That could be sell with TRIG?

A) Closing contracts means more business. The SDK gives solutions to businesses. We are very much in line with a kickstarter style approach to incubating innovations. The innovations lead to token use, demand, and an increase in value.

Q) How large is the team at the moment and how many are you looking to add to that 1st of December date you talked earlier?

A) Our team currently consists of 10 people, we are looking to onboard 3 more to bring our total to 13. We will have experts in every field required to ensure that we continue pioneering.

Q) Do you plan to show the innovations you are incubating in the webpage like Kickstarter?

A) Yes and no. Yes we want to be like Kickstarter in incubating, but no in that we will offer more than Kickstarter. We will provide support through the entire incubation process, even after the release of their product. Joining our consortium will be like joining a family, with financing, resources, expertise, and networking to ensure success.

Q) What you will do with your tokens? What is their purpose?

A) That is something we are holding close to the internal objectives of Blocksafe. Their purpose is to ensure the success of the Blocksafe Foundation.

Q) How NASA and Government contracts can affect the coin if its not public?

A) Just because the contracts are private, does not mean that they will be using a different blockchain. They will be using the same trig.

Q) Kevin do you have any time prediction when people could start using trigs as a real world asset?

A) 2018.


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