The Block Reward.Block Height 3.0

Investing in a new economy.

Blockchains are like Apple watches.

Cool, functional, but they don’t really have the killer app that gets everyone hooked; not just yet. The movement could fall apart at any moment, but, for the foreseeable future, the sky is not falling and there really is nothing else harming the impending disruption of blockchains.

So let’s talk about how we can grow our investments.

A question to the waves of investors entering the market is, are you all going to keep your bitcoin? Is every single one of you not going to feel the value of what the alt markets offers? The transaction fees for Bitcoin alone are close to $40 per transaction MINIMUM. My gut tells me quite a few people are going to want to see what faster cheaper and more effective methods are out there other than high transfer fees and the 3–6 hour transfer times. Realistically, with Bitcoins price speculation constantly the flavor of the week, many will have “weak hands” I feel, and sell their positions into a more stable alt-market coin or three.

Fail early and loudly.

In my two years of being in Cryptocurrency, things are changing constantly, but it’s not past the point where the community is evolving past my ability to keep up. Crypto sure is trendy. Starting out your probably going to be reacting more emotionally than logically. This is ok. I made my shares of mistakes. Yes I bought cloud mining, I made horrible trades, sold too early, and FOMO’d when I should have sat on the sidelines. Errors will very likely happen while you are beginning out. This is to be expected. Don’t beat yourself up, just learn what went wrong, as this is crucial to your growth as an investor. If I didn’t make these wrong choices, I wouldn’t have found the inspiration to work harder and grind out a great living from investing in the future.
The key here is don’t invest it all at the beginning. Risk a small amount. See what went right and wrong. Now replicate these results. If you can do it again, well congrats, you probably learned a useful tool.

But why invest in one project over the next? Is there a magic formula? Well, no not really, but like casino gambling there are many ways to lower your chances of losing and risk.

First off the goal, is to lower your risk as close to Zero as possible. Zero risk when investing is impossible to find unless you are investing in a scam. No one is going to have you invest in their company without taking on any risk. It’s just not mutually beneficial.

Second. Tech and team. No product, no play. I invest just as much into the product as I do the people on the development team.

Third. Growth and product use case. How long until you see your money back and more?

Fourth. Accessibility and time of investing. How long do you plan on being invested? How long after the funding round will you receive your coins? You have generally two options; Long and short

With Short term growth, we are looking at this as an investment you wouldn’t plan on holding longer than a year. A project like this most likely won’t hit their full potential within this time frame, so there is a good chance you will be selling without maximizing your investment at it’s full value. *This isn't always the case, some projects have their biggest performances within their first period of being released, but my view on this would be, is that is this something that was really supposed to have lasting long term growth or was it some pump and dump? Usually the answer is the latter.

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