Equity financing has been unsuccessful

Blockshipping has on at least four occasions been very close to achieving equity financing from potential investors, but in each case when they move into the due diligence process, they pull out due to concern with the ICO that we ran in 2018. Some investors and investment banks operating in the conservative shipping industry have a policy that they simply won’t invest in companies that have done an ICO and issued their own cryptocurrency.

Other pushbacks from investors include concern that CCC token holders would receive a % of the top line revenues in Blockshipping while shareholders in Blockshipping would…

Dear Community,

We have been working very hard on our Proof-of-Concept (PoC) for the last few months, and now we want to share the results with you.

Import Dwell Time Prediction (IDP)

In our last update in June, we announced that we are working on a new product called Import Dwell Time Prediction (IDP). The Import Dwell Time Prediction is an AI-based prediction service that will be able to forecast how long containers will remain in the container terminal before being delivered to the importer.

Business drivers & pain points addressed by IDP

Terminal operators have little certainty as to how long a specific import container will stay in the yard and when…

Dear Community,

Some time has passed since our last general update, and we are excited to share the latest news with you.

We are getting financial support from The Danish Maritime Fund!

We are pleased to announce that we have received financial support from The Danish Maritime Fund which was announced and officially signed earlier this week. The support has been specifically targeted to Blockshipping’s newest product called Import Dwell Time Prediction (IDP).

Dear Community,

Two months have passed since our last update, so we would like to inform you about the latest progress around Blockshipping. Please find below a number of updates from the Blockshipping team — covering the extension of our team, the development of the Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP) and finally some comments regarding our CCC Token.

Welcome our new team member!

We begin the update with the introduction of a new member to the Blockshipping team.

The new addition to the Blockshipping team is Prapti Verma who will take the role as a Blockchain Developer at Blockshipping. Prapti has four years of experience…

Dear Community,

First of all, I wish you all a happy new year. Please find below a number of updates from the Blockshipping team — covering the CCC token sale, the project development and finally our take on some recent industry news.

CCC Token updates

Dear Community,

In our previous update, we told you that we are planning to run the ICO no longer than until the end of December 2018, and we can now announce that we have made a decision.

The public Blockshipping ICO will close at the 31.12.2018. We have started the ICO in May 2018 and have received a total amount of USD2.5M in funding, and we believe that it is time to shift our focus and move on. Since then the market has seen some severe downfalls which at some point had some influence on our progress.

We thought that…

Dear Community,

one month has passed since our last update, and we find it relevant to inform you about our latest progress and achievements.

In addition to the trip with the Danish delegation to China we have done several things since the last update to progress with the development of the GSCP:

  • We intensified our dialogue with potential partners and investors. In October we were in Israel to talk with several venture capital companies and industry stakeholders. Further to this, we have been in dialogues with potential investors in both Denmark, Germany, and Japan.
  • We have made important progress with…

Dear Community,

Blockshipping together with the Danish blockchain delegation visiting the Suzhou Government

We are proud to announce that Blockshipping was part of a Danish delegation for the Denmark-China Blockchain Experts Dialogue last week taking place in Shanghai. It was an honor for us to represent Denmark and to be part of the delegation and this exciting event.

Early on, Denmark has been a leading nation in blockchain technology. To keep this position in the emerging blockchain industry, this expert dialogue with leading blockchain development centers in China will help to foster growth, innovation, and development in Denmark.

The delegation was headed by Roman Beck from Copenhagen IT University, who is…

Dear community,

As all of you probably know very well the crypto and ICO market has been extremely difficult for several months even for quality ICOs like ours based on a solid business case. However, we still very much believe in our project, and I can ensure you that we are fighting harder and more determined than ever to achieve our goals and develop the Global Shared Container Platform as planned and promised.

So far, we have raised around USD 2.5 million, and even though this is far from our original hard cap, this amount of money has made it…

Blockshipping is the very first ICO on BRD Secure Checkout, and we are extremely proud to announce this partnership with the world’s leading crypto wallet.

BRD (formerly known as Bread Wallet) is widely acknowledged as the leading global crypto wallet and it is great news for the entire ICO market that BRD now launches a Secure Checkout solution to allow for easier and more user-friendly processes and thereby easier contribution to carefully selected ICOs.

Blockshipping is the very first ICO on BRD Secure Checkout and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the great BRD team and to…

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