Blockshipping General Update — January 25nd, 2019

Dear Community,

First of all, I wish you all a happy new year. Please find below a number of updates from the Blockshipping team — covering the CCC token sale, the project development and finally our take on some recent industry news.

CCC Token updates

As we told you in the last update, the Blockshipping ICO has ended on the 31st December. During the last two weeks of January 2019, we are running an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on the Berlin-based exchange XTECH.

Currently, we are in preparation for getting listed on the exchanges XTECH and IDEX, so this is the last chance for those who are interested in buying CCC tokens before the CCC’s are listed on February 1st, 2019. If you are interested in buying CCC tokens, you can go to XTECH and follow the instructions on their website.

Additionally, we at Blockshipping have made the decision to lock the unsold CCC token and keep them in reserve for an indefinite period.

Project updates

Apart from the IEO and the preparations for the exchange listings we want to inform you about the progress we made with the development of the Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP). Please find below a brief update on two central elements of the GSCP.

GSCP Blockchain Container Register

The development of one of the first products of the GSCP platform, the Blockchain Container Register is proceeding well with target delivery in August 2019. The Blockchain Container Register is the most central element of the whole GSCP platform and paramount to all future development of Blockshipping’s features and services.

GSCP Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaas)

The first service of the GSCP, our iPaaS, is being readied to go live in March 2019. The GSCP iPaaS brings high-performance EDI messaging and data brokering to the shipping industry.

The GSCP iPaaS service has an enormous capacity to receive and distribute data stream of virtually any volume to any number of subscribers while mapping between formats, for instance, EDI to REST; or REST to EDI. The benefits are that the GSCP iPaas handles all EDI mappings — a significant number of EDI formats are supported out of the box — and that new formats are easily mapped by Blockshipping. The GSCP iPaaS also accelerates the customer integration of EDI message streams.

Market comment

All of the Blockshipping team follows all news and development in the shipping industry closely. I would like to share on a very interesting recent article on JOC.

Blockshipping’s take on JOC’s article from Dec 13th, 2018 “Costs found to outweigh port automatic benefits.”

This article by the maritime news website JOC was on a report by McKinsey (2018) called The Future of Automated Ports

The article by JOC can be found here, and the report by McKinsey can be found here.

This article confirms a feeling I have had since I was on a long consulting engagement at a large container terminal operator in the US in 2010, that unless you upgrade the surrounding ecosystem and landside information flow, then the payback on a huge USD 300M to USD 500M automatisation investment in container terminals will be very long.

As part of the Global Shared Container Platform (GSCP) that we launch this year, we are introducing two services that will help address some of the root causes that prevent terminal automation projects to reach their intended business benefits:

  • Real-time connectivity: The GSCP iPaaS will help to provide a real-time ecosystem that will help to connect terminals and BCO’s with landside operators.
  • Quick identification of bottlenecks in terminals and landside activities: The GSCP will include pre-build Machine Learning (MLE) and AI capabilities which will make it possible to analyse infrastructure data and information flows of container terminals, trucking companies, and other actors. It will thereby identify critical bottlenecks which are otherwise extremely difficult to detect manually. In February 2019 Blockshipping will announce a partnership with a leading global MLE/AI company that will enable us to start offering these services on the Global Shared Container Platform much earlier than we had planned.

Finally, I want to say that we are looking forward to the future, and we can ensure you that we are fighting hard and determined to achieve our goals and develop the Global Shared Container Platform as planned.

All the best,

Peter Ludvigsen, CEO & Founder of Blockshipping