Blockshipping ICO Update — November, 26

Dear Community,

one month has passed since our last update, and we find it relevant to inform you about our latest progress and achievements.

In addition to the trip with the Danish delegation to China we have done several things since the last update to progress with the development of the GSCP:

  • We intensified our dialogue with potential partners and investors. In October we were in Israel to talk with several venture capital companies and industry stakeholders. Further to this, we have been in dialogues with potential investors in both Denmark, Germany, and Japan.
  • We have made important progress with the development of the platform including the specification of the IoT-devices and our connectivity services.

Besides that, we continued to push ahead with the analysis of the appropriate blockchain platform and are now in talks with the founders and operators of the platform. What we can say at this time is that we are going to use a new 3rd-generation blockchain platform which tries to solve the most significant problems of current blockchains. This blockchain combines some of the best features of different blockchain technologies into a single blockchain.

As you can imagine the technical implementation of blockchain technology within the GSCP is a very critical and important aspect of the overall business model. This is the reason why we approach this topic very thoroughly. However, we can tell you that the decision will be made soon and that we will share it with you.

Regarding the ICO we must say that not much has happened since the last update. Unfortunately, the market situation is still poor, and we cannot predict if and when a recovery will occur. We have not yet made a final decision on when we will close the ICO, but we are currently expecting it to run no longer than till end of December 2018.

I can ensure you that we are fighting hard and determined to achieve our goals and develop the Global Shared Container Platform as planned. We are extremely happy for your support, and despite the tough market, we are determined to fulfill our mission for the benefit of all of us.

All the best,

Peter Ludvigsen, CEO & Founder of Blockshipping