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A self test shows how much time the individual and lagged sharing of blog posts on social media with Blog2Social can save.

Corporate blogs gain increasingly importance in corporate communications. But every blog article needs attention and coverage. Sharing the blog texts on social media is one of those important tasks to generate coverage. This marketing can take very long. The tool that saves me as an online PRler, Social Media Manager and Corporate Blogger so much time in my job every day is our own tool, the WordPress Plugin Blog2Social. With Blog2Social you can plan ahead blog posts directly from the WordPress dashboard and individualize them at the required times and have them automated post to Social Media. This saves labor time, and for me is a perfect complement for the daily work with blog and social media. Since I do not just want to write down what it can do, I have simply ventured on a self experiment to compare the normal, manual posts with posting via Blog2Social. Of course the stopwatch was not to be missed. You can read the results below.
 Posting manually
 For my self experiment, I started with the manual version. Out of curiosity I wanted to see how much time I have previously actually used for the marketing of a blog post. Time was running from the date of publication on the blog and condition was that I wanted to publish all contributions at the same time. First I tackled Twitter, short easy and fast. As a practiced Tweep the text actually came to me quite easy,putting hashtags and handles without a problem. But then I stood there. 49 characters left but still no link and no picture inserted. So I opened a new tab, enter the site of the blog, open the article, copy the link and paste in my Tweet. Missing “only” the post Image. What size you need?
 So I had to quickly trim the image, 440x220px is moreover the minimum, attach and Tweet it out. Tip: How to build a tweet properly and which variants lead to success, teaches the blog post “1 million Tweets — What you can learn from a Twitter study”.
 The stopwatch showed 4:01 minutes after Twitter.
 On to the next network!
 Now Facebook’s turn. It is slightly different, the text may be a little longer and there is no character limit. So I struck out a bit further, gave the post a short introduction, cut the image and hit sent. And that was the first mistake. I forgot the link! I will credit the time the manual way that I’ve wasted by this little faux pas.
 The score: After Facebook the stopwatch shows 11:43 minutes.
 No, I will not lengthy tell you now how I have worked with all 10 networks, including groups and pages, but rather highlight the special features. After Twitter and Facebook, I tackled third worldwide network, so again change the intro, this time for business contacts. I then also took the tonality over for Xing. With Google+ you can actually take over the post of Facebook because both networks are very similar.
 Result after 5 social media networks: 26:17 minutes..
 Now I realize that pasting links and cutting pictures is most time consuming. In addition, the back and forth between the individual tabs. Blog post, network, another network, infographic, Photoshop — you can very quickly lose the rhythm. Pinterest and Twitter were next in line. In these two picture networks you are made aware of the article with the visual. So you should be really sure, if you are preparing two graphics or one that is so good that it works on both networks. With Pinterest there is also the choice of the right wall to pin it to.
 With cropping, text and looking fort he right walls to post to, the timer tells me I am at 31:22 minutes. Only two. So I head to the two remaining networks Tumblr and Diigo. After I have placed my contribution there, I stop the time again and had a final time of 35:30 minutes.


At a first glance I thought 35:30 minutes for 9 networks plus groups was not bad, but if I want to apply 4, 5 or 6 posts a day, you are busy for 2 hours only with posting blog posts.
 Let’s see what the time tells us at the end of using Blog2Social.
 Posting with the social media tool Blog2Social
 The starting point here as well: The article has been published, and I was able to start from the WordPress back-end. This time I have taken a different post, so I did not remember the previously used, as this would result in an advantage. In the back-end I click on the green Blog2Social button to get my previously published articles.
 Here I look for then article, I would like to post in social media. I decided for “1 million Tweets — What a study teaches us about Twitter”
 By clicking “on Social Networks” I arrive at the dashboard, from where I can control and edit all the posts.


Blog2Social first gives me a text recommendation, that I can then edit. Since I don’t want to make it to easy for me, I will get creative and focus my comments to the respective networks. Same game as before: briefly on Twitter, longer for Facebook, prominent imagery on the picture networks and adapted it for Xing and LinkedIn for business contacts. I add hashtags and handles BUT this time I don’t have to insert a link, Blog2Social takes it directly from my blog and inserts it. The tool also counts the characters for me. Beside the text box is displayed how many characters I have available in total and how many I am typing. This looks like this:


Since all text boxes for the respective social media are directly below one another, I saved myself from the wild of clicking between the individual tabs. After I had written and optimized all posts, the only thing missing is the contribution image.


The plugin gives me the opportunity to select a picture for the post from all the pictures used in this post. On the networks, it will be displayed in the optimum screen size. Therefore, I can remove my sticky notes from the screen. The green button says it all “Publish blog post on social networks now.” One click and just 30 seconds later, I got this message.


Et voilá — a green check mark everywhere, which at Blog2Social roughly means that all posts have been published. By clicking “See Publication” you get directly to the respective network and can take a look. Although now I know from experience that I can trust Blog2Social, I’ve picked Pinterest and Twitter to double check.


What can I say? Looks like it is supposed to look and everything is great! A glance at the clock tells me 5 minutes and 22 seconds. Even without a calculator, I know that it was much less than in the first round. Now I have it in black and white. Blog2Social has saved me 30 minutes!


The delayed posting of blog articles in social media
 Blog2Social offers the possibility to send a time delay in addition to the simultaneous publication. With delayed sending, corporate blogs get more freedom in designing their blog marketing. On the different social networks are different points in time at which postings achieve higher interaction rates.
 For that you click on the “planning Release” button next to the text box and determine the date and time for the post. For Twitter you can even preplan three postings per piece, which is a great option due to the fact that a Tweet has a lifespan of almost 19 minutes. If you then click on “Plan publication” the post is scheduled.


Via the article overview you can also plan older blog posts for a re-posting, as well as supervise the planned contributions, and make changes if needed.
 The screenshots speak for themselves. 35:30 minutes to 5:22 minutes. With Blog2Social I could share my blog posts much faster and more individualized my blog posts to up to nine social networks plus groups and pages, perfect image size and link integration included. A little arithmetic shows it clearly: With the classic version, you can share only about 3 blog posts per hour. With Blog2Social you can quadruple that value. Especially in corporate communications, where the schedule is often very narrow, Blog2Social helps to work efficient and labor-saving. The back and forth between different tabs, Photoshop and the image folder to make the post “perfect” has been proven as particularly time consuming. I have stopped using this time-consuming way a long time ago and use Blog2Social. Now I got my evidence. 16 minutes and 20 seconds per contribution make a big difference.

Blog2Social vs. Manuel work

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