What a long night. Connie and I agree this is the most distasteful part of any trip. I came very close to springing for SAS + for the three of us, but figured $500 could buy a lot of sweaters and reindeer kabobs. Usually I can sleep on these jaunts, but not today. It’s 11:30 PM in Chicago, and 6:30 AM in Stockholm. Oy.

sunset over Greenland

We’ve taken a much more northerly route to Europe than I ever remember. We left O’Hare and went sharp north over Quebec and the Maritimes, saw sunset over Greenland and sunrise (I assume) over Iceland. We skirted to the north of the UK and will cross over Norway to Sweden. Then double back to Norway. We do customs in Oslo, which will at least let us know whether our luggage made the first transfer. Then on to Bergen for a day and a half before we board the ship.

sunrise (I think) over Iceland
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