10 German Blogs you should read.

Here are my Top 10 German Blogs you should read. Well this might be a slightly female interest shaped list, since well I am female. But here we go.

  1. 23 qm Stil. If you are interested in Interior Design, you should check out Ricardas Blog 23 qm Stil (the average German Livingroom has a size of 23qm).
  2. Titatoni for everything DIY related check out Renaades blog. She prooves that you dont have to be super talented in crafts (but she is) and that you dont need all the expensive supplies.
  3. Liebesbotschaft. Johanna is by far my favorite Lifestyle blogger. (And thats kinda a pro, her articles are in english too.) Shes always super positive about life and has raised the most beautyful kids I have ever seen. Well besides my own kids.
  4. Nieselpriem is my go to adress for funny Mommy stories. She lives near Dresden and blogs about life with her baby son.
  5. This is Jane Wayne is THE best fashion blog in Germany. Hands down. If you are into fashion check them out.
  6. Of course you could be a Mom (as me) in this case you should have a look at Mummy Mag, these incredible women over there do not only run a blogazine but also a real made-of-paper Paper.
  7. For everything “Crafts and Kids” you should visit Béa at Tollabea, shes a real child at heart and never fails to make up new crafts for rainy days. (Well and sunny days too. )
  8. If you are kind of a nerdy person I highly recommend Chaosmacherin, she is as nerdy as most of us and she has an awsome blog series on Movies and TV shows to tune in to.
  9. Lilies Diary is your Blog if you are into travelling. Christine and her team of travelaholics are experts on how to see the world on a budget.
  10. Blogprinzessin is my own blog. I am a Mom of 3 under 4 and always one tantrum away from hopping on a plane with my shades on and a glass of wine in my hand.
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