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Mar 11, 2018 · 3 min read

5 Things To Remember When Writing Article Headlines

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Headline writing could easily be the most important part of driving an audience to your work. When you create the title for your piece, it’s the first thing your audience will engage with. (They say don’t just a book by it’s cover, judge it by it’s title.) Before you put pen to pad to create any type of work, you first need a plan of action. This same basic principle applies to writing good headlines for articles, blog posts or any other contextual from of expression on the internet. Here are five things to think about in planning a great article headline.

Be Creative

There are a lot of publishers on the internet and everyone is competing for your eye-time in the cyber world. Being able to stand out from the rest is a great skill to have when trying to grow and captivate an online presence. When writing articles, try to think outside the box. The best titles aren’t always the most technical ones. Remember, an article headline is how you introduce people to your work. If people start to know you as the writer who creates witty and creative headlines, they will most likely return.


The title of your article must be concise and to the point. Long drawn-out titles that don’t tell the reader about your story will confuse your audience. Make sure your headline makes sense in the context of your story.


Authenticity is the secret weapon to winning over an audience on the internet. If people believe you, they will follow you, and they will read your work. Be yourself in your titles and in your writing. Great writers know how to speak their personality through their work. The same thing goes for great headline writers. Don’t use words you don’t know or normally wouldn’t say in a conversation. People can tell when you’re not being genuine

Don’t Make Them Too Long

Your headlines should NOT be a full sentence. Long drawn out headlines will bore your audience. Always try to keep your character count low when creating headlines. Give just enough for your audience to want more.

SEO Friendly

Make sure your titles are SEO friendly. Before creating your headline you need to know what your SEO search terms will be. They must be apart of your headlines. This will ensure that when people are searching for the topic you’ve decided to write about, they will be able to find your work. (We will cover SEO in another blog if you are new to it.)

Headline writing can be a strain on the creative process at times, but just like with anything, we can get better with practice. Take these 5 tips into your next writing process and be sure to let me know if this article helped! Happy Writing family and remember “CONTENT IS KING” @blogzworth

P.S. Don’t be afraid to try multiple headlines for the same article. Send drafts of your work to your friends using different headlines on them. See which one’s they like the most. This is a form of a/b testing but on a smaller level with family a friends. A/B testing is a good way to learn what kind of headlines your audience likes. Being able to tailor to them on all aspects of your writing will indeed keep them coming back for more.


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