Post 7 on my travels around South America. Still roadtripping in our caravan down the Chilean coast.

Travelling makes you hyper aware of your physicality. All things considered I do ok but here is the list of things that are wrong with my body:

I am super short sighted and I should wear my glasses a lot more than I do. (Like right now!)

I am not very fit and should be more flexible. I can't do a pull up but I can climb a mountain.

My neck is quite tight and hurts sometimes.

I have bad posture

I have…

Post 6 on my travels around South America. Currently road tripping down the Chilean coast.

Couldn’t escape football here so made the deal that watching the match was fine as long as we did it a bar. There was a power cut anyway so it made sense. Arrived to the bar it find one table of all men. I was gonna make a bet with Rach before we arrived that we would be the only women in the bar, but I didn’t want to be sexist and I didn’t say anything. Turns out the two girls in the kitchen and…

This is post 5 on my travels around South America. Currently road tripping down the Chilean coast.

Post 4 on my travels around South America. Currently road tripping (in a caravan) down the Chilean coast.

People say you are at your most vulnerable when you open up to others. But I know that's not true. You are at your most vulnerable when you are trying to use someone else's shower. There is nothing like standing naked, shivering on the cold tiles of a strange bathroom (often of questionable cleanliness) with one arm wrapped around yourself and the other under the freezing spray of the showerhead willing it to get hot. Or at least warm. Oh please God…

Post 3 on my travels around South America. Currently road tripping down the Chilean coast.

Arrive to the beautiful caleta of Rumena, decide it’s as good a place as any and begin getting rid of your hunger pains.

1. Only one of you has ever made gnocchi before and they were following the directions of a more experienced person. Decide your love for gnocchi will magically make you become an expert at making it and forge ahead anyway.

2. Search the camper for everything. Manage to locate one sharp knife and Rachel's penknife.

3. Peel the potatoes using the large…

Post 2 on my travels around South America. Currently road tripping down the Chilean coast.

is the kind of costal town in Chile where the fishermen go for lunch before bring their haul ashore. Here is how to get the most from the coastal regions of Chile.

1. Drive around the beautiful landscapes (in your camioneta of course) and make it down to the pier at Punta Lavapié.

2. Wander around shaking off the morning fog and jut your chin at the locals.

3. Bargain with them to see if you can buy a few crabs from lunch with the…

Post 1 on my travels around South America. Currently road tripping down the Chilean coast.

In Chile nothing happens at high speed. The government offices only open till one. Service is super friendly but nobody rushes. Even the shops take their time.

At night in Concepción the dogs pretty much never stop Barking and going out involves bar hopping by car to avoid the 'flite' (rough) areas.

But I have never felt so welcomed. Sat down at the dinner table as one of the family. Given unprompted advice by mothers and fathers alike. …

We have heard the story by now of the family being forced to vacate a three bedroom house in Longford which they have occupied illegally instead of moving to the four bedroom house offered by the council.

The Irish Times latest article detailed a family being ordered to leave a house they are illegally occupying as they refused to accept the four bedroom council house they have been offered. They cite the lack of a garden, a busy road nearby and the fumes from a local garage as reasons the house is unfit for purpose.

According to the guidelines for eligible accommodation from Citizens Information the house is not suitable if “it would be overcrowded if the household lived in it” or if “it is unfit for human habitation”.

The couple in question have six children and…

Surrounding yourself with positive people

Time is a commodity, just like everything else. Not in the way that my time is more valuable than your time or that Bill Gates could somehow buy more time with his millions, but in the way that it is limited.

We all only have a certain amount of time in this world and while we don’t know exactly how much that is, it is worth remembering that eventually it will run out.

So now before you freak out Homer Simpson style remember that you are fully in control of the time you have.


I recently saw this article on my Facebook and it was all could do not to throw my phone into the river in disgust. It made me seethe. But then I thought, “what if this is actually how we, as generation Y are perceived” and I shuddered.

I have an entire carcass worth of bones to pick with this article. Now I do acknowledge that it has some interesting and well-made points and from what I can tell is designed to be inspiring to Gen Y but I feel it fell down at some major points.

Now if you’ll allow…

Eimear Phelan

Teacher, Writer, Journalist and Photojournalist. Currently travelling in South America and sporadically blogging about it.

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