TRAVEL PHOTOS: Expectations vs Reality

Tourists eeeeeerrry-where !

Tourists, we are ALL tourist’s at some point in our lives. Almost every time i am at a famous landmark or a lookout (somewhere where everyone takes a picture on every device they own that has a camera) i wonder how many poor tourist photos i have ruined by accidentally being in them, but then i stop feeling sorry for them because they are ALL ruining mine as well. I guess ‘ruining’ is a harsh word. Over the years i have learnt to accept the fact that those people who manage to get a great shot of themselves in front of the Fontana di Trevi with no one else in them, must be fake, they MUST be. Honestly, how do people do it? Please tell me your secret. When i was in Rome, i thought everyone in the world must have been there. SO many people. As i was trying to sit on the edge of the fountain i had to channel my inner seagull just to get near it. Anyone else who has been there in summer will know exactly what i am talking about.

I once tried to get the perfect photo in front of Prague castle (firstly the whole castle wouldn’t even fit in the frame so i had set myself up for failure), and i thought it was perfect for about 2 days, even after i posted it on Instagram, Facebook….everything, i was yet to realise that there was an older gentlemen pretty epically photo bombing. It was accidental i assume. If he did it on purpose, he succeeded.

In all honesty though, is it really worth standing around for more than 10 minutes trying to get a good photo of something and risk missing out on your 5th cup of gelato for the day because you are yet to try out that other store your friend recommended? For me i would much rather stand there and take it all in, the atmosphere, the crazy tourists, and go and eat food than see everything through the lense of a camera. Every one wants to have better photos than the person before them, but dont let it take up all your time. Dont forget what is really important about travelling to new places, seeing it with your own eyes, thats why you’re there!

Enjoy exploring wherever you may be, xxx.