Leadership and the only female.

Reasons I am starting this blog:

  • The leaders in my organization are socially inept and don’t seem to care about anyone but themselves. One in particular seems to think that everyone subordinate to him is a moron that will internalize the self-righteous garbage that he spews out of his mouth on a daily basis. Last time I tried to tell him that he was treating people poorly, he said “Those people aren’t what the organization wants. We are.”
  • My direct supervisor is a 300lb man who takes eight 40-minute smoke breaks a day, and literally has to sit down for five minutes to recover from the walk back from the smoking area. He’s the same age as my father; therefore, he assumes that he is right solely because he’s 25 years older than everyone.
  • I’ve been a female working in a male dominated environment (the military) for nearly 13 years, and I know a little bit about being true to yourself while still earning the respect of your coworkers. I’ve seen too many women with potential suffer greatly because they: try to overcompensate for their gender (not necessary); act like a raging bitch because they assume all men want to sleep with them (usually not the case); act like a bitch to other women because they assume everyone is jealous of them (everyone else is not the problem); or act too “friendly” to the males they are in close proximity to (I’m all for free love, but there comes a point where things get sad. I’m talking eight Eskimo brothers in the same office. Not cool).
  • I’m working on my master’s degree in Public Administration and I need a place to download my random thoughts so that I don’t submit anything inappropriate to my professors
  • I run a training school with adult students, many of whom are my age or older, but I have to treat them like delicate flowers when they act foolish. I will also take these frustrations out here.
  • The daily urge to yell at my superiors overwhelms me. Again, the release of these frustrations will occur online.
  • My anxiety is through the roof, and I think it’s important to share coping techniques with other Type A personalities in leadership or management positions. It’s ok to need help, even if you’re in charge. It’s also ok to show your weaknesses to the people working for you.
In summary: I am 30. I have three kids and a husband. He and I are both in the military and work 50 hour work weeks. We own a home that keeps breaking and we can’t keep clean. I am in charge of an average of 100 students on a daily basis. I have chronic medical problems (possibly fibromyalgia). I am working on my masters in Public Administration and am also studying to get a Project Management certification. I directly supervise 10 males who are all older than me.

According to the attached chart, I am in complete meltdown mode. Home girl needs a creative outlet, stat. However, unfortunately for me, I’m not creative….at all. So here we are, commencing creative outlet.

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