Posted on August 26, 2016

My new favorite DIY Nail Art Right Now! Get this Holographic-mirror-Chrome look and have a share worthy main in 3 easy steps!

Holographic and mirror manicures are everywhere right now. I am currently wearing the Hologram Nail Polish from UO! I must say though, if you’ve got 30 minutes for a DIY mani, this Beautiful Chrome Nail Tutorial i’m about to show you by Twi_Star is amazing and a must-try!

To re-create this stare-worthy Chrome Nail look, you typically have to use nail powders, which is what gives your nails that holographic look. but GOOD NEWS, Twi_Star changed it up a bit to make it easier and more accessible for the regular folk. You only need to get these 3 items to make your nails as chrome-tastic as hers.

To recreate the look, you only need these three things:

  • Mirror powder
  • Sharpies
  • Gel polish

Twi_Star started out by applying the BMC gel nail polish in “Black Noir” to her nails.

Instead of using an LED lamp to get the gel polish effect, she used an LED flashlight on each individual nail, which had the same effect!

Next, to get the cool chrome-tastic look, she dipped an eye shadow applicator into this silver chrome powder and applied it to her nails.

She followed up with applying BMC gel nail polish topcoat in “Crystal Clear.”

Now for the fun part: drawing on your nails with a Sharpie (like you did when you were 16)! Twi_Star suggests buying a 24-pack of Sharpies and using whatever colors you want to create the watercolor look. She went with blue, pink, and purple. Next, she used those colors on each of her nails, creating a checkerboard pattern.

To blend, she dipped a striper brush (you can pick these up at any nail supply or art store) into some rubbing alcohol and carefully applied a few tiny drops to each of her nails.

BOOM! Check out those Share-Worthy Chrome Beautiful Nails!

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