How to Pick the Right Flowers for Different Occasions?

Flowers are the beauty of nature. They are widely used to express the emotions and feelings. We can see the role of flowers in several religious myths, texts, and folk tales. Apart from being the symbol of love, some flowers are also popular for their herbal quality and have been accepted as medicine from old times. They possess a lot of importance and value in our lives. They can be used for different purposes. Today, you can find various flowers arrangements online available in different designs and types. These different arrangements can be used to make every occasion of our life more adorable.

Whether it is about graduation ceremony, hospital visits, baby shower party, anniversaries, birthdays, valentine’s day, or weddings; we need flowers to cherish every occasion. Fresh and colorful flowers make every moment brighter and happier. People of all ages from kids to oldies and teenagers to youth adore flowers. Gifting blooms is one of the most loving expressions of affection to the loved ones. Therefore, the presence of flower is a must in every occasion of our lives.

However, you don’t need a reason to give someone the flowers but here are some of the moments when you can feel the real power of flowers:

Can make any moment a special one!

Recently, you got a promotion? And, you want to spend a quality evening with your close one? Planning to see your relative after a long time? Going to the hospital to meet your sister who is blessed with a beautiful baby? We recommend, you to take a bouquet with you. Birth of a child is one of the biggest sources of happiness in any family. This moment can be cherished by giving a beautiful bouquet made of pink roses. As pink is known as the favorite color of babies. These little happy moments can magically transform the ordinary moments into special ones and the sentimental times into magical ones! So, now, you know how to plan and perk up those moments! It’s time to combine flowers with delicious chocolates & strawberries to add a unique emphasis to your feelings.

Can turn frowns upside down!

You have forgotten a special date, and your loved one is angry with you? You have done something wrong which was a reason for annoyance for your family? Then, it’s time to patch up. And what better way to say “sorry” than the beautiful flowers? You can pick fresh roses or exotic tulips to reveal your feelings without saying any word. If your friend or close one is recovering from a sickness, bouquets and other get-well flower arrangements are the perfect ideas to cheer them up. Besides, giving a bouquet of yellow or white roses can help to show sympathy. This beautiful gift can give him/her some refreshment.

Can make you relax and happy!

Everyone has a bad hair day. Everyone has to fight with bad situations that may influence their mood and personality negatively. At this moment, fresh flowers can prove to be your ideal companion, who is there with you to help you stay safe and confident. You can book flowers online to get your favorite flowers delivered at your doorsteps.

Give you the strength to handle your PowerPoint presentations!

Though flowers can’t share your work and take your job pressure away, they can surely give you positivity to manage it. If you feel pleasant, you can easily handle work stress without being irritated. Fresh flowers soothe your soul with their colors, fragrance, and beauty. If someone has helped you with your assignment, then a bouquet of sunflower and white roses is ideal for thanks giving to anyone. These colorful flowers show a lot of gratefulness.

Can enhance the beauty of any place

People decorate their home with fragrant flowers that help them to enhance the beauty of the atmosphere. Blooms are also used to greet guests at home or any party venue. A bunch of flowers held at the dining can uplift your mood. A garden filled with beautiful flowers gives the residence exceptional elegance and make it impeccable. Special events like weddings and birthday parties cannot be even imagined without flowers. Any place decorated with flowers provides unique beauty to the venue.

We can learn several lessons from the flowers. They teach you to keep your head raised even in the most unfavorable conditions. Stick to your true shades (be yourself) still if there is no one admiring you. Every flower whether it is white or black, big or little, new flower twig is the symbol of victory itself.

How to Choose the Right Flowers

Whether you are planning to gift bouquets to your loved ones or decorating your home, you need to choose the flowers carefully. Though picking the right flowers for various moments and occasions can be challenging. You will think, “What color should I choose? Which flower is ideal for what occasion?” Several factors must be taken into account while making the final decision. Knowing the meaning and essence of flower types and colors can really help you in picking out the right arrangement.

There are several occasions when you need to give flowers to your close ones such as birthdays, graduation party, home coming, valentine’s day, etc. You can choose to give bouquet for any of these occasions. Gifting a bouquet is sure to be well admired, but it’s essential that you start by picking the right flowers. Let’s have a look at some of the best flowers and flower arrangement ideas that can be gifted for different occasions:

Which flowers are ideal to congratulate the graduate

Education is essential — so it is obvious that you feel proud of someone when they are going to complete their graduation. Regardless of whether your close one is completing his/her high school or college, you must show that how great you feel about their success and how much you want to compliment them. When graduation ceremony time comes around, giving flowers is the best way to praise the graduate.

Gifting flowers are undoubtedly the amazing way to do congratulate graduate. But how will you choose the right graduation flowers or bouquet? We have a list of some best graduate flowers ideas that will help you make the right choice — so read yourself if you are looking to find out more.


Whether it’s a classy red rose bouquet or a colorful bouquet of pink roses, nothing is as suggestive as these flowers. Pink roses are pleasant and an amazing way to show appreciation, which needs to be the number one statement you want your graduation bouquet to say. Orange-colored roses also look warm and enthusiastic. Don’t underestimate the white, yellow, and lavender roses too. Check out this amazing bouquet — Corvetto which is made of 12 stalks of pink roses and 2 stalks of lilies.


Orchids are the widely-preferred choice which is often used as the congratulatory gifts to give to the new graduate. Nevertheless, if you are unable to attend the graduation ceremony in person, then book orchids online and deliver to tell them how happy and proud you feel. Well, you can find orchids in different colors, but most popular one is purple, followed by green and white. You can also send an orchid plant. The plant can be a beautiful memento that will grow with them as they start a new journey of their life.


You can make the day of graduate more pleasant by giving a nice bouquet of sunshine. If you are wondering to give a bouquet to your graduate girlfriend, Lilies are known as the charming bloom and available in a range of colors and have a sweet fragrance. If you know that he/she is a fan of lilies or daisies, make those the primary blossom types in the graduation bouquet. Besides, if they don’t have any preferences, you can choose a mixed bouquet.

What to Consider when Giving the Graduation Bouquet

Consider the Theme of the School’s Colors

Give flowers that blend well with the colors of the graduates’ school. If the school colors are red and white, we will suggest a beautiful bouquet made of white lilies and red roses. You can also choose the colors that perfectly match with the Graduation gown. With different flowers available online, you can choose any color combination.

Other Essential Things

You can even make those moments more special with by presenting the ceremony with a wrist corsage or orchid lei. Another friendly posture is to give a bouquet to the graduate after he/she receives their degree. Flowers can make his/her big day more special and will give a pop of color to the graduation photographs. Besides, you can gift a centerpiece which is ideal for the graduation party delivered to his/her home. We also recommend using bright flowers in a beautiful vase that he/she will use as a home decor.

Meaning of Colors

When it comes to the meaning of flowers, there are various flowers that are suitable for graduation. Sometimes, white carnations also represent good luck, while stargazer lilies are the symbol of wealth and prosperity. The Iris is another beautiful flower which symbolizes hope, wisdom, and faith. Bright and bold colors represent festivity and celebration. Purple flowers express success with pride and accomplishment. Moreover, orange flowers denote enthusiasm, excitement, and passion for life. You can make the bouquet more interesting by using teddy bear and chocolates. Check out our “You did it” bouquet which looks so cute and ideal to congratulate the new graduate.

Which flowers are ideal to Send When a Baby is Born?

Your sister, best friend, or colleague just had a baby, how will you congratulate them? Gifting bouquet or flower basket is one of the best ways to celebrate this joyful event.

The arrival of a new baby is a joyful experience and one that undoubtedly warrants attention. Gifting a flower basket is an amazing way to welcome the newly born baby in our lives. You must congratulate the new mother with a beautiful flower bouquet. Several flower arrangements can be delivered and made this moment more memorable. The flower arrangement you choose for the new born baby and mother should reflect your feeling for the proud new parents. It has been a traditional way to honor the new baby with flowers, but you must be wondering what kind of arrangements to give and when. We at bloom2u can help you choose the best range of flowers. Here is a list of some best new born baby flowers ideas that will help you make the right choice:


Carnations are widely used to create the baby flower arrangements due to their long-lasting and sturdy nature. A popular choice is to give a bouquet in gender relevant shades: vibrant yellows and light blues for a new born boy and varying shades of pinks for a new born girl. You can also go with the mixed-flowers bouquet that looks more adorable. Check out this amazing bouquet — Glorious Moment consists of carnations, gerberas, decorative cabbage, tropical flowers with beautiful leaves.


A beautiful bouquet consists daffodils always look cute. In the spring, you can give planted pot of daffodils or cheery bouquet. If your wife is blessed with a baby, then best option will be to take a small bag loaded with daffodil bulbs and plant it in your garden to memorialize the baby’s birth. Every spring, the view of developing daffodils will remind you of your baby’s special day.

Pom Mums

These lovely flowers seem like large pom poms set on the sturdy stems. They’re usually arranged with the cookie or fruit bouquets. Available in a range of bright neon colors, they are popular for their bright and casual look.

Living plants

Living plants have always been a wonderful new baby gift as mothers can keep them to remember the special day. Some of the most popular houseplants are African violets, cyclamen, ferns, etc. You can also choose a perennial for the garden i.e. clematis, rose, or hydrangea plants.


Most husbands often present their wives beautiful roses when the new baby arrives. Roses show affection, admiration, and loyalty. You can give red or pink roses. Tiny or miniature roses look adorable. It is always recommended to give a basket filled with fresh roses to the newly-blessed mother.


Hydrangeas can become fun for new babies since they are available in a pink & blue color that can be arranged well in a bouquet or basket. You can make a classic arrangement in a white pottery vase. Watering container or wicker will make a more playful arrangement.

Other flowers

You can also go with the delphiniums that look beautiful arranged in a ceramic jar or glass. You can combine them with lilacs or other flowers to make a decent display. Besides, you can consider Gerbera daisies which come in vivid shades of pink, yellow, orange, and green.

What to Consider when Choosing Flower Arrangements for New Born Baby

Fruit Basket

Welcoming a new baby into the world, you can’t go wrong with a baby themed fruit basket. You can choose a fruit basket consists fresh fruits and flowers. The choice of fruits depends on the season. Make sure the flowers are chosen well and give a luxurious look. Check out our Vision of Love bouquet which is ideal to give to the women blessed with a new baby. If the new mummy is going to have a baby shower which you are unable to attend, you can consider giving her a beautiful bouquet of flowers and fruits to show how much you are pleased.

Long-lasting flowers

If you are looking for some beautiful flowers which can last for a week, then you should pick Gerber daisies. The durability Gerber daisies make them ideal for sending to a baby. They are also available in a wide range of colors, so it’s easy to find the right color combination that you are wondering for. A unique gift to give to celebrate this special moment is to send a flower arrangement in a novelty container that may serve as a keepsake long when the flowers have faded.

Such gifts and flower arrangements will remind new parents of their own amazing days of childhood happiness, as they assume making same memories with their new packet of joy. Sometimes, a flower of basket isn`t enough, so we at bloom2u allow you to pick little extras to turn a traditional flower basket into something extraordinary. There are several additional items available that can be added to the baby flower basket.

What are the Ideal Get-Well Flowers?

Giving get-well flowers or gift baskets convey your warm wishes and hopes for a quick recovery to a family member, friend, or close one. A magical dash of hope serves as an amazing offering when you give get-well gift baskets adorned with beautiful flowers. Whether your loved one is sick at home or admitted to the hospital, bouquets are always friendly get-well gifts that put individuals in good spirits — and living in good spirits is very helpful in inspiring a fast recovery. For those individuals who are younger, nothing cheers them up more than a basket filled with the flowers, chocolates, and teddy bear. You can always send your thoughts with a fresh get-well floral bouquet created by bloom2u for delivery to the hospital or home. Get-well flowers remind us of the close ones who provided them, that we’re cared for and give us a solid reason to get well soon.

Flowers Boost Up the Recovery Process

A study conducted by Harvard University reveals that fresh flowers in the home or hospital can boost energy and reduce the feelings of stress and depression. Flowers tend to have a positive effect on our well being. Whether they are kept in a bedroom or a hospital room, a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers has been scientifically proven to uplift the spirits of someone who is feeling depressed or uneasiness. You can also send a basket filled with fresh fruits and flowers. But, how will you choose the right flowers to keep in the basket? Let’s have a look at some of the best get-well flowers and their meanings:

Gerbera Daisies

Cheery daisies are known as an ideal flower choice when it comes to sending a get-well-soon bouquet. You can send a fresh bouquet of simple white daisies or brighten his/her life more by choosing a colorful option, such as gerbera daisies. They come in a rainbow of colors and are widely admired for their big blooms and long wavy stems. There is nothing quite like Gerbera daisies to simply let someone know that how much you care about them. Gerbera daisies are a vibrant and gorgeous flower that can brighten your close one’s day in a difficult time. Check out our Margaret — fruit & flower basket comes with 5 gerberas and juicy fruits i.e. apple, grapes, and oranges.


It is one of the most popular springtime flowers that can make an excellent addition to any hospital bedside table. Known for their healing power, they effectively send a message to your close ones that you want them to get on the way back to health. You can also combine peonies with other bright flowers and fruits to make the flower basket more appealing. This combination will definitely fill your loved one’s spirit with joy when they aren’t feeling their best.


Bright and green flowers produce a breath of fresh air into any room. When your close one is ill or recovering, gifting them a beautifully-made flower basket can convey a hopeful message. Phalaenopsis orchid has a beautifully arched stem which is lined with big, showy flowers. Comes in a comprehensive range of impressive colors, Orchids are the beautiful get-well gift assured to lighten up a hospital room and bring a smile to the face of your loved ones. A beautiful basket filled with phalaenopsis orchids, mokara orchids, and fruits will make an ideal get-well gift. Check out our Ingrid Bergman fruit and flower basket consists 2 phalaenopsis orchids.


Stunning hydrangeas are another popular get-well flower features delicate blooms symbolically represent endurance, making them a right gift for the individuals you hope perseveres over an illness. You can gift your recipient some cut hydrangeas, or choose a potted version of this plants such as Potted Blue Hydrangea, allowing them to enjoy the natural beauty of your gift even longer.

What to Consider when Giving Get-well Flowers?

Choose a basket with bright colors

Since your motive is to boost the person’s recovery, you must avoid white or dark flowers. You can pick bright flowers such as yellow daisies or sunflowers. When it comes to giving get-well flowers to the children, you can include balloons or a small toy that can play as a helpful distraction during illness. You should consider the sick person’s preferred color while deciding on the kinds of flowers to order. The right floral basket or bouquet will definitely brighten his or her hospital room or home.

Ask to leave a personal note with the flower basket

It is always recommended to give a get-well card or personal note with the floral arrangements. It is a nice gesture to add a personal sentiment to be put with the flowers. You can write a beautiful personal note on a card and keep it inside the bouquets. Besides, you better know what your loved one likes and desires.

Customize the get-well basket

Online flowers provider such as Bloom2u also offer the customizing option means you can make the get-well basket customized according to your close one’s likes and dislikes. You can keep his/her favorite chocolate, fruits, books, or movies inside the basket. If the person is admitted to the hospital, the basket should have something that will keep him/her occupied.

Keep the size minimal

You must keep the size of the flowers to a minimum. While you may imagine a large arrangement will do more to cheer up your close one but it’s not a case Instead, you should always choose a small vase or basket that look sober nothing big or fancy.

If the person is close to you and you are able to visit them in the hospital, then deliver the flowers yourself. Be positive and cheerful when giving the bouquet. Try to stay with him/her for as long as you can.

So, it’s time to make your loved ones smile with a floral basket well decorated with the fresh flowers and fruits. By giving the get-well flower bouquet and basket, you strengthen your connection with your close ones. See more get-well flower arrangements and basket at bloom2u.

Which flowers are ideal for Birthdays?

Choosing the right flowers for different occasions can be challenging sometimes. Hope the above-mentioned information will help you pick the best flowers for your loved ones. Every individual wants to feel special on his/her birthday. One effective way to achieve this is by gifting the beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. When picking the flowers to make up the birthday gift, you must take some time to consider the message that each bloom will convey, choosing the option that best fits your desired meaning and beautifully makes your close one’s birthday a special one.

A fresh floral bouquet is known as an ideal birthday gift. Several varieties of flowers can be used for birthdays such as roses, carnations, and orchids. Colorful flowers make the birthday parties more exciting and cheerful. Almost all kind of flower is suitable, but you can make it even more special by considering the symbolism of each variety. Roses and carnations are the popular choices and easy to find. If you want something unique, you should read the following:

Lily Delight

Exotic and beautiful lilies symbolize happiness and prosperity, making them an ideal birthday flower. You can buy and gift a fresh bouquet made of Madona lilies, or delight your close one with a mixed bouquet featuring lilies, blue irises, and other flowers. Check out our Morning Elegant bouquet consist of 5 Madona lilies.

Iris Bouquet

Irises are another popular spring flower that represents a compliment and blessings. If you are looking to compliment your partner on his/her charming looks, then you must send a fresh bouquet made of these flowers. Comes in various bright colors, Iris flowers are truly unique and look wonderful. A purple flower bouquet is widely used for birthday celebrations and makes an unforgettable impression. Blue irises symbolize hope while purple iris is the symbolic representation of compliments and white iris represents purity. If you are wondering to buy flowers while considering the meaning of the certain color, it is recommended to include the flower meaning in your card that will be delivered with your birthday bouquet online.

Cheery Sunflowers

Bright sunflowers are impressive enough to brighten your loved one’s day, making them an amazing birthday present. Buy a beautiful bouquet made of cheery sunflowers and give a meaningful birthday gift to your partner, friend, and close ones. Our Bright Day bouquet looks amazing in the combination of gerberas, sunflowers and pom pom. Sunflower is a symbol of pure love, so it is suitable to give to those towards whom you feel romantic love, but also for family or friends you love unconditionally.

Month-Specific Flowers

Do you know that every month has a birth flower and each one possesses specific meaning? There is a special flower related with each calendar page — loaded with wonderful stories. So, whether you’re wondering to celebrate someone’s birthday creatively, or you looking to add a personal touch to the bouquet for your close one’s birthday, we will help you determine which flower is the right option.

· January: Carnations

· February: Iris

· March: Daffodil

· April: Daisy

· May: Lily

· June: Rose

· July: Delphinium

· August: Gladiola

· September: Aster

· October: Marigold

· November: Chrysanthemum

· December: Poinsettia

For a really thoughtful birthday gift, you can send your partner a bouquet of the flowers associated with the month in which his/her birthday comes. For instance, if your loved one was a June baby, then send her a collection of roses. Likewise, if he was born in May, gift her a bouquet of Lilies.

What to Consider when Giving the Birthday Bouquet?

You can make your close one’s birthday more special by knowing some basic principles and meaning of some flowers. Let’s have a look at some of the most significant consideration that must be taken into account when giving the birthday bouquet:

Birthday Flowers for Women

Women adore flowers, and nothing says “I love you” better than blossoms on their birthday. Picking the right flowers can speak a lot about your feelings towards them. A classic flower bouquet is a perfect gift for the traditional woman’s birthday. If your lady is adventurous, then send a fresh bouquet made of exotic flowers such as Orchid. If you partner has a good sense of humor, then you can give her a basket of bright sunflowers with some chocolates and teddy bear. If your girlfriend or wife likes attention, give her a classic floral arrangement kept in a vase. Or, you can send a fruit basket to share with her friends.

Birthday flowers for Men

Men secretly love flowers and sending them birthday flowers will surprisingly make them feel special. According to your partner’s, personality, you can pick an elegant flower or opt for solid, vivid colors. Instead of choosing a single variety, you can choose a mixed flower bouquet. If you man is so practical, you can send a floral bouquet with a special gift that he will enjoy when the flowers have wilted. Or, you can pick a plant which requires minimum care and is long-lasting.

Birthday flowers for kids

If you loving child is going to celebrate his birthday this month, then pick a flower arrangement with a gift that he or she will enjoy after the flowers have faded such as a cuddly toy or fancy mug. Besides, you can use birthday balloon to make them feel more special. If you consider all these things, you will able to choose the right flowers and make your close one’s birthday more special every year.

Why Shop at Bloom2u for Flowers?

Founded by John Goh, Bloom2u is a well-known florist in Malaysia that offers a comprehensive range of flowers, bouquets, gifts, and all kinds of floral arrangements. In the past 14 years, the Bloom2u has renowned as a big brand providing a wide variety of flowers for very high-end fashion, cosmetics, and jewelry brands. Today, the company has three outlets and available online at The website makes it easy to choose flower arrangements online and deliver to the desired place. Apart from the website, bloom2u have four outlets currently situated at Damansara Uptown 3 (Damansara Utama), Empire Shopping Gallery (Subang Jaya), and Dataran Prima (Petaling Jaya).

Fresh Flowers

Celebrate any occasion with fresh flowers from bloom2u. Here, you will find the most beautiful flower bouquets and baskets ideal for the graduation parties, birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion throughout the year. Better yet, bloom2u floral delivery is always easy, quick, and convenient. Your flower arrangement will be hand-delivered by one of our highly-experienced florists, to assure a timely delivery and an unforgettable experience for your loved one.

Send flowers from bloom2u, and feel confident that you’re going to make your friend or family member smile. Whether you’ve ordered a beautiful bouquet of fresh roses, attractive lilies, vibrant tulips, or pleasant Gerbera daisies, you can believe that the quality will be amazing without peer.

Summer Flowers and Gifts

At bloom2u, we provide fresh flowers that reflect the happiness of summer. Celebrate summer parties with lilies; buy a bouquet of bright yellow roses which is an idea present for the social gathering. You can also try our Gerbera daisies to convey birthday wishes in the most beautiful way.

The Most Competitive Price

Shopping for flowers online is easy with bloom2u. Choose from top-quality roses, lilies, and mixed fresh flower baskets to appealing gift baskets. All these varieties are available online at the most competitive price. Our florist delivered bouquets, and other flower arrangements are solely designed timely delivered.

A Wide Range of Gifts and Flower Arrangements

From festive hampers to fruit baskets to jewellery, we offer a comprehensive range of stones like ruby, saphire, emerald, citrine, and many more. Our fantastic collection of gifts goes beyond the world of flower delivery, including food baskets, tempting chocolates, and fresh fruits.

You can also register at to allow us to give you our better attention to your unique requirements. With bloom2u, our motive is to understand you more and serve you in the best way possible.

Choosing the right flowers for the upcoming occasion can be difficult decision to make. While different kinds of flowers can be used interchangeably on several occasions, but it’s better to understand the meaning of every flower in detail before sending the flowers. Hope this blog will help you choose the right floral arrangements. If you have any suggestions, then please let us know by commenting below. We will keep sharing more creative floral arrangements tips and ideas.

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