City of bridges: OnePGH Plan highlights Pittsburgh’s role as a ‘convener’

Bloomberg Cities
Jun 29, 2018 · 6 min read
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Pittsburgh’s OnePHG plan recognizes that City Hall can’t go it alone. (mandritoiu/Shutterstock)

Megan Sheekey: Initiatives in the OnePGH plan are focused on basic rights for Pittsburgh residents, including clean air, clean water, livable housing, and economic opportunity. As the lead in the development of OnePGH, how is the plan’s approach to address city priorities different than in the past?

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Pittsburgh’s Grant Ervin

Did coming together for the Bloomberg-Harvard program provide any new tools for the implementation of OnePGH or change your thinking in any way for this ambitious plan?

OnePGH was developed with stakeholders across Pittsburgh. Now that you’re transitioning into its implementation, what are the key considerations and needs in order to drive it forward?

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The core of Pittsburgh’s One PGH plan is ensuring that all residents share in the benefits of the city’s development.

What do you think are the biggest barriers to city government partnership with other sectors? Capacity? Channeling funding? Trust? Legal requirements?

What, if anything, has surprised you along this journey? Any lessons learned that you would impart on mayors and city leaders wanting to think and act more collaboratively to tackle pressing issues?

“We may be under-resourced, but city government is still the best positioned to bring people together to solve local problems.” — Grant Ervin

So, what’s next for Pittsburgh? How can citizens and leaders in every sector there join the Mayor’s call to action?

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