As tech-bashing becomes a bipartisan pastime, consumers will lose out

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By The Editors

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump’s Justice Department filed a landmark lawsuit against Alphabet Inc.’s Google. It could roil Silicon Valley, lead to years of bitter court battles, and upend the business model of one of the country’s most successful companies. Yet the rationale for embarking on this project is far from clear.

From the start, the government’s public explanations have varied widely. …

The furor over a flagged New York Post article obscures solid efforts by Twitter and Facebook to root out suspect content

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By Tae Kim

Twitter and Facebook, criticized for years over their hands-off approach to content, are coming under fire in 2020 for taking too heavy a hand in policing what’s shared on their platforms. Call it growing pains.

The latest flashpoint comes to us courtesy of the New York Post. On Wednesday, the paper published a story that included unverified allegations about presidential candidate Joe Biden, his son Hunter and his ties to Ukrainian energy company Burisma. Facebook Inc., citing policies designed to clamp down on content that could be false or misleading, decided to limit the spread of the story on its platform until it had been verified by third-party fact-checkers. …

At the state and national levels, the party’s strategy is consistent: Make it hard to vote

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By Francis Wilkinson

The Republican Party is currently engaged in the most sweeping vote suppression campaign since Jim Crow. It’s a broad war on voting, encompassing legislation in state capitols, lawsuits in the courts, propaganda at the highest levels of the party and federal government, and a threat of thugs in the streets.

No battle is too embarrassing. In Texas, Governor Greg Abbott pulled a last-minute stunt that left even the state’s largest counties with a single ballot drop-off location. In Wisconsin, Republicans are seeking to prevent professional athletes and team mascots — including the Milwaukee Brewers’ “Racing Sausages” — from appearing at sports venues that are scheduled to be used as polling sites. …


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