It takes effort to maintain camaraderie while working from home

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Photo: Annie Spratt

By Sarah Green Carmichael

The Great Work From Home Experiment of 2020 has gone on for nearly eight months, and preliminary results are coming in. Overall, surveys suggest that most of us like it most of the time, except for one thing: We feel lonely. “Camaraderie” is the №1 thing people look forward to about an eventual return to the office. “Loneliness” is often at the top of the list of downsides to remote work.

Feeling lonesome is not only a side effect of working from home. Our social interactions outside work have also been curtailed. Normally, a teleworker can liven up her day with coffee-shop meetings or dinners with friends. …

Politicians’ promises to achieve distant and difficult targets attract natural skepticism. Their rhetoric can change reality, though.

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Political leaders’ decisions shape what’s possible for businesses. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

By David Fickling

It’s only natural to be skeptical when a political leader stands up and makes a promise about a target that’s far off, hard to achieve, and lacks a clear pathway.

So one reaction to a report that Japan’s new prime minister, Yoshihide Suga, will pledge next week to reduce the country’s net carbon emissions to zero by 2050 might be: Really?

After all, public and private Japanese banks are still funding new coal-fired power stations in Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh, exploiting a loophole in Tokyo’s previous promise to reduce financing to such projects — a fact that’s causing some consternation among European investment funds. …

As tech-bashing becomes a bipartisan pastime, consumers will lose out

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By The Editors

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump’s Justice Department filed a landmark lawsuit against Alphabet Inc.’s Google. It could roil Silicon Valley, lead to years of bitter court battles, and upend the business model of one of the country’s most successful companies. Yet the rationale for embarking on this project is far from clear.

From the start, the government’s public explanations have varied widely. …


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