“I am a lazy person”, the most mock line ever said by anyone to himself. It is strange to hear, but nobody in the entire world is lazy; they are just irresponsible. So, to make it clear and short, rather than overcoming laziness, if you will focus on being responsible, it’s the solution of your all problems.

What lazy people always do is, just to think and never put it on action. Because doing anything is all about taking responsibility which is something drastic for one who is irresponsible. Everything is IMPOSSIBLE for a lazy person, but a responsible person can transform IMPOSSIBLE into I M POSSIBLE. At all, no any deal is as unprofitable as being lazy.

So it is apparent that only option we have is to kick it out of our life. It is not that easy because being lazy is just like addiction, one you get addicted, it takes some time to leave the chase. But yes, on other hand, if you are really determined about thumping it out; it’s not enough strong to hold you anymore.

5 fantastic ways to kick laziness:

  1. Visualization of result.
Visualization of result as way to kick laziness

Rather than focusing in the effort you have to put on it, focus what you will achieve after doing this. Visualizing is a great tool to stow your mind with enthusiasm that leads to your determination to complete the work. The zeal of getting result is always delightful and the more something will be pleasant to you, the more you will try to do it. So visualize; visualize the result of anything you want to achieve and suddenly you will find yourself engaged on that work.

  1. Assign daily target to yourself.
Assign daily target to yourself as way to kick laziness

Every day just after waking up, the very first thing you have to do is to set your target to be achieved on same day. Because if you know what exactly you have to do, it becomes easy to work for it. All the problem starts from not knowing what to do. But if you already know that what you have to complete by the end of the day, you will give your best to consummate it anyhow.

  1. Exercise and Meditate.
Exercise and Meditate one of the ways to kick laziness

Meditation is like single cure of every problem and exercise adds fifth moon on it. Meditation gives you power to stay determined while exercise gives you strength to stay energetic throughout the day. To fight against laziness, what all you need is to be steadfast as well as swingeing, and these two qualities can be obtained by exercising and meditating.

  1. Opt to be creative rather than to sit idle.
opt  to be creative rather than to sit idle is one of the various ways to kick laziness

Instead of wasting time and repent later, it is far better to do something and enhance your creativity. Being creative gives you an edge to battle against laziness. Try something like painting, writing song, singing or anything that interests you. The logic behind this is, while doing anything creative, you keep your brain engaged and reduces the chance to thinking yourself as a lazy person. And the less you think about laziness and focus on being creative, the more you will outdrive it.

  1. Stop being thinker and start being doer.
Being doer to overcome laziness

If you will keep on thinking that one day you will implement your ideas, trust me, that day will never come. Some people give excuses like, I am not all set to do this, when you will be all set? It’s nothing like getting prepared perfectly, even no one is perfect. Just start doing with what you have, by sure you will make mistakes but yes its far better from sitting idle to do mistakes and learn things that are new.

If you lack skills, you can learn them; if you lack strength, you can increase them; but if you lack hope, everything stops. So be steadfast as much as you can and try to be persistent, because together with the ways to kick laziness these are the two additional essentials when you are in battle field, standing against laziness.

There are various such ways to kick laziness, but the points mentioned above come in top to cure this problem. Stop being lazy and start following these ways to kick laziness, and soon you will realize that it started helping you.

Get Motivated, Stay Motivated. 🙂

5 fantastic ways to kick laziness.