wrong ratings

red dawn should not have been pg-13 because the movie was so bad it would burn the eyes of anyone younger than 34.

But really this movie is far too violent to be viewed by the 13 year olds. There are supposed to be 2.23 “acts of violence” that happen every minute. That statistic got the movie into the Guinness Book of World Records. I go to school in a pretty bang bang neighborhood but 134 “acts of violence” in a single movie seems a bit overboard. If 13 year olds saw this movie then they would become desensitized to violence. I think one way of looking at it would be that there is so much death that none of the deaths seem serious, which makes it less emotionally heavy for the younger people. I disagree with this because unless the movie is intentionally putting in comical deaths, teenagers are capable of being emotionally affected by the thought that someone’s life has been taken away from them.

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