A Near Miss

Four years on, its almost crazy to discover this miss. And its also a relief.
I mean, all this years I thought ...never mind.
Actually, picture this:

Making decisions is probably the no 1 thing I dread about being an adult. Now, making a life-important decision at 16? I wish this shit came with a manual (amen somebody!). well..it doesn’t. seriously now, what if u settled. You couldn’t figure a way out so you settled(never mind that this is something you only get to decide once in your life). You settled because you were scared and... well, screw your reasons. You settled.
Now, four years on, when all’s almost said and done, after you’ve almost moved on, when you decide to take life full on, you realize all you had to do back then was as simple as going down the street to get ...whatever you go down your street to get.
You realise, you weren’t always as smart, wise, sorted as you thought you were. You realise "its never your decision to make". It wasn’t back then, it isn’t now, it’s never going to be. Because if you could miss this simple answer to that problem, and you have gone through hell and back in a Nigerian public University, and you could miss THAT?😱😰 No be brains, na God. Its what he wills that prevails.
And oh, what a relief!! Because now, you know you were right all along. You are on the right train, its just running a little late😇