Motivating Employees in the Leasing Office

One of the biggest challenges for any sales team is maintaining motivation. This is especially true in a leasing office. Regardless of the type of property you are leasing (apartment complex, individual properties, etc.), an unmotivated staff will result in loss of overall profits. Your entire team must be excited about attracting new tenants and maintaining the ones you already have.

Every successful team starts with an excellent training program. Each member should be well versed on all of the operations within the business. Administrative staff should learn about sales techniques. Sales staff should know how to answer the phones and complete lease agreements. This way, everyone can work together and fill-in when necessary.

Training does not stop after new hire orientation. It is something that should be continuous and mandatory. Offer new trainings often and identify problem areas that could benefit from a little review. Give your employees constructive criticism as issues arise, but be sure never to do it in front of others on the team. Consider starting a survey program that asks anyone who tours the property or signs a lease to share their opinions on their experience. Use these specific examples to address weak areas, give praise and set goals.

One of the strongest motivational tools is providing rewards for a job well done. Hold contests quarterly for the most leases signed, revenue and/or meeting specific goals. Encourage input on what the rewards should be, so you ensure your employees are actually motivated to work for them. Offer incentives to the entire team as well to encourage working together towards your overall goals.

Incentives and goals do not only apply to new leases. Renewing leases is a key component of maintaining a loyal base at your property. Ensure that maintaining a percentage of your current renters is an essential part of your plan.

A pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere is not only essential to maintaining excitement for your residents. You must ensure that the leasing office feels comfortable, engaged and stimulated. This will help your entire staff stay positive when interacting with potential leasers, current residents and each other.

To achieve this, you must lead by example. Be present in the office as much as possible. Take part in training, tours, parties and all other integral parts of the process. Participate in contests and challenge the employees to work harder than the boss.

Encourage input from the entire staff. Ask for their ideas on seasonal programs, leasing events, resident parties and marketing ideas. Identify each member’s strengths and use them. If your administrative assistant is interested in social media, allow him or her to help with your Facebook campaign. If your sales director has a knack for interior design, let them decorate for the holidays. If each person feels needed, they will be more motivated to contribute to the overall goals you all must achieve together.

Blue Solutions’ own Jason Seyler has been motivating people for 20 years and recently wrote a book for the student housing industry, Mastering Millennials. Be sure to reach out to Jason or anyone at Team Blue for furnishings, cabinets, countertops and motivation of any kind!

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