How to live happily

  1. To make a exciting things
  2. To do a new good habit in the morning
  3. To do a new good habit in the evening
  4. To do a good habit when you work
  5. To decrease stuff, throw away stuff you don’t use
  6. Do charity
  7. To take care your house
  8. To show your “biết ơn”
  9. To talk with co-worker
  10. To make friend with a stranger
  11. To send images to relatives
  12. To make a phone call to your friend
  13. To forgive for someone
  14. To give a book
  15. To choose further road to come home
  16. To grant to yourself
  17. Give a kind word to another
  18. Leave bonus for next buyer (Để lại tiền thừa cho người mua tiếp theo) k hiểu câu này :-?
  19. Present with yourself about the topic you interest in
  20. Do small talk in a lift
  21. Don’t use money ☺)
  22. Read books
  23. Keep silent when working out something
  24. Help anyone learn something
  25. Prepare a lesson
  26. Write down your goals
  27. Answer strategy question
  28. Smile with all people you meet
  29. Make a romance date
  30. Do exercise
  31. Learn a new kind of sport
  32. Discover the nature
  33. Make friend with a positive person
  34. Do what you like
  35. Do what you have never done before
  36. Meet up a friend who makes you happy
  37. Don’t worry
  38. Sing a song
  39. Create ( be a writer, a painer, a photographer…)
  40. Discover a new thing
  41. Raising a new pet
  42. Do something you procrastinate before
  43. Say thank to someone
  44. Say someone you love him/her. Khó nhỉ :|
  45. Enjoy a masterpiece
  46. do something that make you closer you goal
  47. Make a good thing
  48. Eat a new dish
  49. Do a thing that you afraid of before
  50. Walking
  51. Make a friend with your neighbor
  52. Discover a person who inspire to you- tìm hiểu
  53. Decrease demand of “vật chât”
  54. Change a bad habit
  55. See the sunrise
  56. Discover chòm star — tìm hiểu
  57. See the moon rise
  58. Wake up early
  59. Go to bed early
  60. Make an account and save 10% your income
  61. Share a lesson
  62. Collect a heap of motivational films
  63. Read books about happiness, positive psycology
  64. Help another
  65. Learn how to sale
  66. Learn how to eat healthy food
  67. Learn how to cook
  68. Find out an interesting thing each day
  69. Make an interesting thing each day
  70. one day don’t complain each week
  71. one day biết ơn each week’
  72. Hold a party
  73. Hold a trip
  74. Introduce 2 friends each other. Xong cảm giác như mất cả hai bạn vì chúng nó sẽ chơi với nhau hơn chơi với mình >”<
  75. Write creatively a CV for a friend. Rảnh vãi :@)
  76. Translate a book
  77. Write a diary each day
  78. Keep silent one day
  79. Keep alone one day
  80. Spend a whole day for family
  81. Make a report for yourself each day
  82. Contact to your friend who doesnt meet in long time
  83. Talk with co-worker who has never talk or talk less before
  84. Well-dress
  85. Live simple live — sống giản dị?
  86. Focus on present
  87. Ride by-cycle
  88. Run
  89. Discovery demand of a person — tìm hiểu
  90. Make a profile of a person. Để làm gì ta
  91. Don’t watch advertising
  92. Don’t advertise
  93. Show optimistic
  94. Be shine
  95. Performing
  96. Căm hoa , plant tree
  97. Unplug
  98. Make and do eating plan
  99. Make and do pratice plan
  100. Make and do study plan
  101. Do a crazy thing
  102. Do slowly
  103. Do fast
  104. Play a game
  105. Learn a new game
  106. Make a little thing
  107. Recall a nice memory
  108. Make a big plan
  109. Make a team
  110. Be continue a plan that you have not finished
  111. Learn a play
  112. Học thuộc a poem :|
  113. Learn how to shoot
  114. Lear how to love a person
  115. Change the way you work
  116. Find out a funny thing
  117. cho chim ăn :|
  118. Meditate
  119. Write a pray
  120. Learn yoga
  121. Learn Thái cực quyền :|
  122. Learn a kind of võ
  123. Reduce shopping
  124. Hang out a portrait
  125. Decrease to meet pessimistic person
  126. Keep thing make you happy in mind
  127. Play with baby
  128. Take care yourself
  129. Practice to image
  130. Write down 3 thing you biết ơn each day . why 3?
  131. Solve a toán đố
  132. Make a friend with person you think you never
  133. Go to library
  134. Give money to a stranger
  135. Thank, sorry , please
  136. Find out the way to help people
  137. Xung phong làm việc Be a volunteer to work
  138. Nhường other people
  139. Do a thing for a team
  140. Write a lovely khẩu hiệu
  141. Write a love letter
  142. Invite a friend to your home
  143. Talk with your parent
  144. Hiến máu
  145. Hiến tạng

Source: List of Happiness Management Games (v.01.01)- 20130215 — TXH

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