Oops, everything seems to work out smoothly until the secret one leaks. Unfortunately, too many secret things you will be known :@).

Hence, how to save time and open all boxes?

Just open. Quite difficult.
Because you don’t want and something around make you want to procrastinate.

You need a Nudge?
So, how?


In fact, Time is a macro definition, in this case. Because time is just not about hours. It is everything is around the point we mention, human, nature, you, me , him, her, them, our plan, catastrophe, disaster, accident, incident… all of thing happen at that time.

When it comes to Nudge, is just remember the theory call “Butterfly effect” means small change at complex system can have large effect at somewhere else.

Hence, each your action today, right now will brings your perspective tomorrow

You. Yourself. Is. Your. Nudge.

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