BlueGold wants to become the next reference currency for Blockchain events. In the spirit of the Blockchain freedom and independence, BlueGold offers cruises dedicated to the crypto-universe. Sailing from one business capital to the other, these cruises will act as a mobile hub for the global development of the Blockchain. BlueGold wishes to be a springboard for Blockchain community, from key note speakers, media, ICO teams, to potential investors hoping for a content-driven place to meet.

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Cruises dedicated to the crypto-universe and the global development of blockchain projects thanks to BlueGold

How to participate to the BlueGold Airdrop campaign?

Have a look at our page Airdrop to get registered and fill the form in. Two different reward levels are available depending on how much you are connected to the BlueGold social accounts. To get the lowest rewards, that is to say 1 BG, you will have to fill the form and follow our Telegram channel. …

Launched by a former merchant navy captain and now crypto-autodidact Régis Revilliod, BlueGold is designed for the organisation of qualitative cruises events towards the Blockchain family or simply newcomers to crypto.

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BlueGold wants to become the next reference currency for Blockchain events and cruises.

A Flagship for Blockchain

From port to port, the BlueGold events cruise will be a hub, an incubator and a living forum for the Blockchain. On top of the onboard events, extra conferences may take place ashore during stopovers. They will complete the exchanges begun during the voyage and include more and more crypto-universe enthusiasts. Partners and sponsors will then have access to a broaden and still qualitative audience.

Floating Leisure…

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