A Letter to Mitch McConnell

I’ve just spent the last half hour or so writing the most blistering letter I can think of to Senator McConnell and still maintain even the slightest air of professionalism. I am thoroughly disgusted with him after his blatant refusal to even do his job as a United States Senator in considering President Obama’s recent nominee to fill the Supreme Court vacancy left in the wake of Justice Antonin Scalia’s death. Here, then, is the letter in its entirety, completely unedited.

Dear Senator McConnell:

I am writing to you about something you neither know nor care about: The everlasting SHAME that you bring upon Kentucky every single day. In 2012, you ran a dirty campaign against Alison Lundergan Grimes which culminated in the mailing of promotional materials specifically designed to trick her supporters into not voting for her in fear that they would be committing an “election violation.” Kentucky finally had the chance to oust you as our “representative” but failed to do so, meaning that we lost our best chance to get rid of your interminable, obstructionist method of governance. So I am going to be the voice of the many Kentuckians who feel the same way I do, and I am going to speak as bluntly as I can so that you can understand it.

You recently have decided to dig in your heels and say that President Obama is never going to get through a Supreme Court justice while he remains in power. We’ll set aside for a minute the constitutional implications of this. At its core, this is just another example of the blatant contempt you have for a sitting President of the United States, a contempt that you and your Republican colleagues have held since the day he won his first campaign in 2008. Almost from the day Obama was inaugurated, the Republican party has done everything humanly possible to prevent him from accomplishing ANYTHING, no matter how important to the nation it might be. Whether it was closing Guantanamo Bay (something which would have helped the US renounce its previous agenda of torturing captives), the passing of Obamacare (which still somehow got through despite a lot of Republicans’ best efforts and which has survived HOW many dozens of repeal attempts now?), or enacting sensible gun control to SAVE LIVES, you and your party have rejected virtually every single policy proposal ever put forth by this President. Are you all that enraged that a black man has managed to win TWO consecutive elections over the whims of your rich, white donors? Racism has no place in the United States of America, and certainly not within the highest echelons of the United States government, but I am reminded almost every single day of just how ingrained into Washington, DC, it has become, and you are one of the top racists in the Capital. I dare you to prove to me that I am wrong.

But more to the actual point of this: I am ORDERING you, as a citizen of the state of Kentucky and of the United States of America, to DO YOUR JOB LIKE YOU HAVE SWORN TO DO. You WILL give President Obama’s nominee due consideration, because you are ORDERED by the Constitution to do just that! Your unwillingness to perform even the most BASIC of your constitutional duties angers me to my very core. I have never held so much contempt for the people who are supposed to represent ME in government. You do not and have never represented what I believe in, yet there you sit in Washington, DC, without any care over what America is suffering through right now. And the blame is not on Obama; it’s on a completely dysfunctional, Republican-controlled House and Senate which doesn’t give the first care about working-poor Americans, their responsibilities as legislators, or what the Founding Fathers and our Constitution stand for, all because they cannot STAND to see this man in power. The fact that you would publicly state that you are not even going to BOTHER with doing the job that Kentucky elected you to perform shows just what a disgraceful figurehead you are to not only Kentucky, but to our entire country! You make me ashamed to be from this state and ashamed to be an American, because I have to listen to the rubbish you spew from your mouth as you swear that you are not going to do your job. You claim that you want Americans to have a say in whomever becomes our next SCOTUS justice. Guess what? AMERICA HAS ALREADY DECIDED! TWICE now, we elected President Obama because we have the confidence that he will do his best to abide by the Constitution and to appoint judicial nominees who are fair and believe in the principles of America. We have already given President Obama our approval; you don’t get to just revoke that because you hope the tide will turn come November. And think about this: Do you really want a loose cannon like DONALD TRUMP to pick this or any other Supreme Court justice? If you do, then you really are as insane as I’ve always pegged you to be.

I hope that somewhere within your conscience, you have the wherewithal to take this letter to heart and to rebuke the idiocy that you have contributed to in American government up to this point. Because if you do not, and you do not actively agree to at least do the job you were hired for while Obama finishes his presidency, then you will prove beyond the shadow of any doubt that you have no respect for our government, for our president, for the Constitution, for the state of Kentucky, or for the entire United States of America. I will work with any means I have possible to make sure you are utterly defeated when your next re-election comes around, because right now, I have absolutely zero reason to believe you will EVER stand up for what is right or fulfill any of your constitutional duties. The people of Kentucky and America have had enough of your whining about President Obama. At some point, it’s time to grow up, and your time has come. Get out of the high chair, throw away your pacifier, and do some work for the people of the United States!

Jason Fuller

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