Fuck & Love

Now, here is a toast to those two words which have lost their meaning in 21st century, may they keep on populating our daily conversations. I will start with good news, you are now free to ignore all the fucks that may be dished out your way. It is pretty simple really, offense is given and can be taken, but it’s up to you to take it. But, why would you? Is making it to the virtuous hall of fame is really worth accepting a bucket of shit and wallowing in it? And seriously what does it even mean — fuck off? Like have a sexual intercourse while you walking away? Just imagine a society in which sex would not be a controlled taboo, what would they be calling each other in fits of rage? — skip off you elbow head, you are just a fat knee, have a dinner with your mother! However, nowadays ‘fuck’ is pretty much on shelf with babies, fluffy animals and beautiful women, it grabs marketing attention, in addition to sprinkling one’s image with a rebel flavour. So, before you get all crushed and flustered by expletives, bear in mind, you really can shrug it off, it says nothing about you and everything about the other, or a bad day/year/life they are having. Be curious, ask what the person actually means and explore semantic mysteries of their communication…not recommended if they happen to hold a gun. If you ask me, it means nothing, I just fuckin love it for it’s own sake. As far as ‘love’ is concerned…well I am sure you can figure it out yourself. Conclusion: people who take offense suffer, people who chose “thanks, but no thanks” seem to glide through life with grace and super annoying smile on their faces.