Good Enough

Good enough was apparently not good enough for a bunch of psychologist, who engaged in some jolly word gang banging and came up with…”satisficing”; basically stopping at a point where things are good enough rather than driving yourself crazy to get it perfect! Perfectionism is a paradox, as it contributes to procrastination and madness more so than to Nobel Prize. However, what a lovely cover up for slobs…oh sorry haven’t taken out the rubbish because I couldn’t get it perfect, WTF?! For the real perfectionists, it’s a curse and maybe sometimes a blessing. But let’s stop for a sec and reassess what perfect is, is it simply getting it EXACTLY how I want it, is it permanent and fixed, is it universal? Or is it simply a horizon line — forever unreachable? Nowadays, I believe in perfection of imperfection. I am a perfect me and an imperfect human being, but I am yet to meet one, if they exist… Writing down “good enough” on my forehead allows me to truly appreciate the world, judge it less and enjoy it more. Conclusion: non-perfectionists are more likely to be happy than perfectionists, for number of reasons: they are more adaptable, more cooperative, more open, consequently less judgemental and less stressed, etc. There you go, at least 5 good reasons to jump the ship and slob it out.