Happiness Habit

I read an interesting article that was pretty much damning the whole happiness / positive psychology to hell. Despite initial dismissal in the “haters need to hate” fashion, it actually made me think, which normally is not a bad thing. The argument posed that happiness cannot be taught or trained because it is an inborn personality trait. OMG, Tony Robbins would roll in his grave, if he was dead …. It goes further, to stipulate that the any “make you happier” psych interventions are doomed to be short term only, because as with everything, we humans habituate easily to good things in life and stop experiencing happiness as a result of them. An interesting argument. But maybe happiness / mental fitness is just like physical fitness, you need to work at it daily, and sure enough your body habituates so you need to make appropriate adjustment. In summary, I agree, neither physical nor mental fitness are a one-off magic pill or intervention that will make you fit or happy forever. Rather, it’s the life time choices and experiments that keep you on a fitness/happiness path, as oppose to “your future is determined by your inborn traits” path. You choose which one you want to walk.