Clavis Aurea (Ex Meow111?

  1. Damian ‘Ascendancy’ Kostorz (Carry)
  2. Denis ‘Ryujin’ Trofimov (Solo Mid)
  3. Donio ‘Doni’ Teixeira (Offlane)
  4. Alex ‘AlexTheFool’ (Support)
  5. Torstein ‘Blue’ de Besche (Support)

Hello, My name is Nicholas aka BlueOceanz. The manager of Team Clavis Aurea. Together with Johannes ‘@Joexdtry’ Heinrich (our coach and analyst), we’ve formed together a team. The team has been scrimming / practicing alot lately and we’ve did a bunch of roster changes but I’m proud to say that this is the one. Let me give you a brief introduction to the team.

(1) Damian ‘Ascendancy’ Kostorz is a proffesional Dota 2 player from Germany and has achieved alot during his time in Meow111. Together with Ryujin, he has achieved 2nd in German League (vs Penta Sports and many other good teams,a couple wins on ESL Cup Go4Dota weekly, He’s also placed first in numerous LANs in germany beating top players there. Including winning the Dota 2 Kassel Lan back in 2015. Pics :

(^That was in Summer 2015)

(^ And that was on Winter 2015)

Ascendancy has also been to WCA in China, to play a LAN in a Chinese School. As well as winning a free trip to ESL by RedBull due to winning a tournament!

Pic :

German league :

Ascendancy placed 2nd, bringing home 2.5k$ of the initial prizepool of 10,000$.

Lets move ahead shall we?

(2) Our Next player is Ryujin. Denis aka Ryujin is a proffesional Dota 2 player from Russia. Although he does not have that much competitive background, he has played with Ascendancy and has won a few tournaments Including winning 7 Tournaments in a row! And on early 2017, he is officially the top 15 Player in the European Region. Having an MMR (MatchMaking Rating) Of 8165.

Pic :

(3)And next off, is our offlaner Doni. Doni is a proffesional dota 2 player from South Africa. Doni has played for various African teams but most notably, is Bravado Gaming. Bravado Gaming has been the top 1 African team for years now and Dota 2 Analyst @followNoxville quoted himself that he has been the top player in Africa for a while now. (Doni)

Doni has won an African tournament bringing home first place and around 20k$. He has also achieved first in the Dota 2 Life Child Invitational. First place in DGC 2015 (3.7k$ Prizepool) and also 2nd place in Telkom DGL Masters 2016 Dota 2 Final bringing home 6400$ of the initial prizepool of $36,047.45 USD.

Doni has also played in WESG 2016 (A Dota 2 LAN Tournament with a whopping prizepool of 800.000$) And placed 17th but still bringing home $8,989 from the MEA Qualifiers. (Beating Slice N Dice 2:0)

Links :

(4) Next off is AlexTheFool. Alex has played for teams like HWA Gaming,WBH,And Invictus Deos.

AlexTheFool is known for his plays in Arc Warden and it has a video feauturing those plays with 100k+ Views on YouTube.

( 5) And last but not least, we have Blue aka Torstein. Blue is quite new to the scene as he has recently finished his exams. Although new, Blue has played for teams like Meow111 and ABRAXAS. He placed 7th in Prodotacup along with Ascendancy.


That is it for the Introduction. Here are some fun facts.

Highest MMR Ever achieved on players are as of the following:

Ascendancy = 7800 MMR

Ryujin = 8300 MMR

Doni = 7000 MMR

AlexTheFool = 7500 MMR ( was top 10 Leaderboards 2 years ago! No links sorry!)

Blue = 7200 MMR

Before Clavis Aurea, and before Meow111, the team was called Abraxas. And it has in fact reached top 50 best dota 2 teams back in 2016! Pic:

Eric ‘747’ Dong has played with the team, achieving 7th in Prodotacup.

We were the first winners of open quals of Zotac Cup qualifier. (meow111)

We also played russian cup qualifier claiming top 16. We lost the game vs THE Virtus Pro. ( Which was a top 5 team back then, still is now ;) )

Now that that’s out of the way, as You can see we are Orgless / Sponsorless and we would like an Org. to represent us! And we, represent them. If you’re interested then feel free to talk to me on:

Skype: Blueoceanz2.

Discord: [Meow111]BlueOceanz#2821

Twitter DMs ;) :@BlueOceanzTV

And that’s it from me, Thank You for reading this long post! We hope we can attract sponsors and fans alike! Andddd another reason why We’re Looking for Sponsors/Organizations is due to the fact that TI7 (The International 7) Open Qualifiers is coming up (it’s next week!) and we are in high hopes of winning the open qualifiers.

RTs and Favs are very appreciated and welcomed ;)



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