Pillar of the Past


The past is a crutch we all bear

A pillar standing stalwart waiting for us to revisit

A monolith to yesterdays thought forgotten

Necessary to us who long for these ancient times

Scrawled across an obelisk of pain or regret

Every now and again it rises up and plummets

Sending out a sonic reminder from resonating chambers

A towering tablet of a metallic sheen with the pigment of obsidian

Remembering for us whether we will it to or not

This timeline of events having passed will attempt to mock us

Boiling the fiber of our being

Only when we look into the rustic reflection

Do we realize the lessons it yields

Plaguing us with a discontent for our existence

Shrouding the thought of tomorrow

Arrogance of this doubt shining as a beacon for us alone

Whispers of our failures can be heard around ground zero

Instead of indulging in its unavoidable enigma

View them as they are: days past

Take back control over the plain where this monument stands

This is ours with plenty of other fields to plow

Own these echoes of the monolith

What more does it want from us beyond our attention?

Its shadows will cast themselves upon the days we fall to vulnerability

These are the days you venture willingly to it

Staring deeply into its facade of deceit

Retooling the mistakes quickly boasted about our being

So we may start to find solace
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