Facts of Blue Sapphire Gemstone

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Before buying Blue Sapphire stone you should go through these interesting facts about blue sapphire gemstone.

Blue Sapphire stone is also called “neelam ratna’ in Hindi. It is acknowledged to the fastest and strongest gemstone among all the other gemstone.

Blue Sapphire gemstone rules zodiac sign Capricorn- Aquarius. So it is enormously beneficial for these two signs ascendant to wear this stone. Even they can wear this gemstone throughout their life as per the suggestion of an astrologer.

Blue sapphire stone should never be worn directly. Though before wearing this stone, it can be subscribed for trial period of three days. If it suits its wearer or ascendant then it is good to opt for this stone. Otherwise, it is better to avoid this stone.

Even it is also said about blue sapphire gemstone that it is so powerful that sometime it initiate to effect life of its native, even at his/her one glance at the stone. While it acts in either way, if it supports its native, so fulfill all the desires of its native in short span of time otherwise can bring disastrous results to one if does not suit. So be watchful while wearing this stone.

Saturn or shani gets affected with the karma of its individual. However it is being rumored about blue sapphire that this stone bring quick changes in the life of its native. But Saturn is described to be hard task master. It first observes the karma or action of an individual and bestows fruits to them according to their hard work and determination.

To check whether this stone suits you or not put it below your pillow before sleeping. If you see any bad dream or accidental dream. Then don’t wear this stone. It is also being said that blue sapphire changes it color, if something bad has to happen with their native.

A distort stone cause of misery while wearing a blue sapphire with lines can bad for the eyes of an individual. A milky neelam stone bring poverty in a native life. Moreover, a broken can cause of accidents and dual color blue sapphire stone can bring gloom, worries in the life.

To remove the effect of scorpion bite, put this stone in water and then wash wound with it. The effect of poison will remove immediately.

Ceylon blue sapphire stone is most popular gemstone among people due to its best astrological effects. Moreover other popular stones are Kashmiri blue sapphire stone, untreated blue sapphire stone. For best result one should only wear a best quality blue sapphire stone.

So these are few interesting facts about blue sapphire stone. I hope you would have enjoyed reading this article. For more information on blue sapphire stone you can visit: http://bluesapphire.org.in