GEM Fest at Anaklia!


GEM Fest — you most likely have never heard of, but definitely will — stands for “Georgian Electronic Music Festival”
It will be held on the shores of the Black Sea, in a natural, subtropical setting, surrounded with concept architecture and artwork.

GEM Fest was conceived as an international, multi-platform festival to celebrate the most illustrious, the brightest, and the best in youth culture, dance music, and stagecraft today. The supernovas and bright young stars of the global electronic scene, the most dazzling developments in modern art, and the most passionate trailblazers and trendsetters; choreographers, art directors, designers, photographers, cinematographers, DJs, video artists and even athletes — anything that makes you turn your head and say, ‘Brilliant!’

We want our festival to bring together not only the most lustrous and renowned pearls from all over the world, but also a handful of uncut diamonds; we want to provide a platform for the realization of unbridled artistic potential and help to uncover the priceless gem that is hidden in every artistic talent. We want to bring you all together in one place — on the cutting edge — and make you dance. What we are doing can be summed up in just one phrase: ‘It’s an absolute gem!’

The venue, the sea resort called Anaklia, is another hidden treasure of Georgia that we can’t wait to show the whole world. It’s tucked away in the Samegrelo province, at the point where the thundering Inguri flows into the Black Sea.

Reserve your place in GEM CITY , in happiest megapolis of the world ! Get access to lockers , showers , shadows and everything cool what the city has! Tent city will be located inside the festival territory and will accommodate more then 10.000 citizens.

Gem City — Gem City offers high quality camps that provide a fun, safe and exciting experience for everyone! The campsite is located in the festival area and it is well-equipped with showers, toilets, storage containers (lockers), phone charging spots, guards and outdoor security cameras.

Gem Fest 2016 / Line UP

GEM Fest 2016 Sale — 100 GEL

☎ + 995 322 47 47 07 | ✉:
Address: 8 Tsintsadze Str, 0161; Tbilisi Georgia

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