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In the past, the web was all about request and response. A user loaded a browser, requested the content of a page, and it was delivered. Expectations have changed. Today’s web is a network of realtime data pipes, one system feeding another, with changes propagating as soon as they occur. Think messaging, collaborative document editing, realtime geolocation applications, stock price delivery services and IoT data distribution platforms — just to name a few.

So we’re excited to be backing deepstreamHub, a platform that helps developers create a next generation of realtime applications while taking the pain out of infrastructure, complexity and scalability. deepstreamHub’s vision goes beyond this though: it is also about providing a rich and open ecosystem of third party integrations that allow developers to stream data from and to third party applications and datasets.

deepstreamHub is based on the open source project , a realtime server that syncs data in milliseconds, can deliver messages to millions of clients and powers large-scale microservice architectures. was built by the team behind deepstreamHub (which is the commercial entity around the open source project).

Our Thesis

Building rich and scalable realtime applications is still very hard, requiring significant engineering resources and usually leading to significant complexity and low reliability. Further, accessing both internal and third party data feeds in such a way that they can be immediately used in a real time environment remains a meaningful challenge. Existing services such as PubNub or Firebase (google) only deliver a subset of the functionality provided by deepstreamHub and commonly require augmentation with proprietary systems.

Our bet is that deepstreamHub can empower developers to build next generation realtime applications, while liberating many more data feeds in to a realtime application layer.

We are very much looking forward to working with Wolfram & Yassercheck out their blogpost for more details.

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