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With rapidly increasing data volumes being distributed globally we will need to re-think data routing of services, content and applications on the web. Greta is on a mission to do that.

Greta is starting off by adding a new layer to the Content Delivery Network (CDN) value chain by distributing data peer-to-peer seamlessly within the existing web stack. By analyzing how data is distributed and the effects on site performance in real time Greta ensures that content is distributed as efficiently as possible in any use case. This significantly improves end user experience by lowering content load times, reducing risk of crashing sites as well as minimising video buffering.

Greta is based on webRTC (an increasingly important web standard) and all data distributed in Greta’s network is encrypted. Greta works on top of all existing hosting and distribution solutions and can be added with minimum effort to any site.

Our Thesis

Global IP traffic is estimated to increase threefold (and busy-hour traffic fivefold) over the next 5 years, which means increasing challenges for the server-based internet as we know it today. We think Greta has the opportunity to become the arbiter of bandwidth in instances where peer-to-peer content delivery makes the best sense (especially for heavy content such as video traffic), as well as become the company to offer a better experience by leveraging in-browser peer-to-peer technology to focus on use cases where quality and performance is critical. Unlike traditional CDNs, Greta will not be restrained by building physical infrastructure.

We’re thrilled to work with Greta founders Anna, Dennis and Victor — as well as with the existing angels Jan Erik Solem, Hampus Jakobsson and Jeremy Yap on this journey. Check out this TechCrunch article for more details.

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