Join our next BlueYard Conversation: Manhattan Projects against Climate Breakdown, in Berlin on September 17th.

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May 29 · 2 min read

The Anthropocene has put planet Earth’s climate in a precarious and potentially disastrous footing. Fossil fuels are discharging millions of years of stored carbon into the atmosphere and, together with other human-accelerated greenhouse gases, they are increasing temperatures which will lead to drought, extreme weather and sea level rise. This will continue to exacerbate societal and economic friction amid a growing global population. To help foster radical thinking on combating climate breakdown, we are bringing together climate thought-leaders and founders with audacious technologies and ideas that could benefit the planet and society in profound ways.

Our next BlueYard Conversation will center on how we collectively can apply ‘Manhattan Project’ thinking to deal with the sheer size of the climate problem. Topics will include:

  • Replicating the sun on planet earth: is a fusion-power breakthrough finally on the horizon?
  • Meddling with the world’s thermostat: climate engineering — damned if we do, damned if we don’t?
  • Redemption for the original sin: how promising is carbon capture?
  • New super materials: building blocks for an energy revolution?
  • World War Climate: what are the paths to mitigating further social turmoil and geopolitical fallouts caused by climate meltdown?

We will announce a full agenda and attendees closer to the day, but we are excited to already have a wide range of leading startups from areas such as carbon capture, fusion, space-based solar power and several next-generation energy startups joining us on the day.

This BlueYard Conversation will take place in Berlin on September 17th. We’ll be kicking off at 9am with an informal breakfast, followed by a day of conversations, workshops and lightning talks — with plenty of casual meeting time and spaces. We’ll round off the day with some drinks and food in the evening. We’ll be releasing more details to the attendants in the weeks running up to the event. As always, attendance will be invite-only and limited to 75–100 people, to ensure high-quality interactions.

We have reached capacity for this event. We appreciate your understanding if we were unable to host you this time, but keep an eye out for future events.

BlueYard is committed to keeping our events safe and open to all. View our Code of Conduct.

BlueYard invests in founders with transforming ideas that decentralize markets and empower humanity.

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