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Oct 10, 2016 · 2 min read

3D printing, gaming, VR, AR — there are many reasons why the demand for 3D models is going to continue to increase dramatically. Yet makers and designers are held back by either clunky and expensive engineering software or lightweight tinkering tools. What’s missing is a simple, yet powerful browser based 3D modeling tool with a community platform wrapped around it. Enter Vectary.

Vectary is an in-browser 3D modeling engine with an underlying community driven platform that allows users to share, fork and collaborate on 3D models. Vectary democratizes the ability to create sophisticated 3D models through a transformational user experience that allows non-engineers and non 3D-pros to design and collaborate on models without the need for clunky and expensive desktop software. Vectary’s parametric design platform was built from scratch (without the use of legacy CAD frameworks) to allow for a much simpler modeling experience in addition to a plugin architecture so users can customize complex templates (e.g. a rotor shaft) without engineering knowledge. In addition to the community DNA, Vectary also allows teams to collaborate on private 3D models in a cloud environment. Vectary launched recently in private beta, with over ten thousand designers — we can’t wait to see it out in the wild soon.

Our Thesis

The need for a next generation tool set to create actionable 3D designs (i.e. those that are 3D printable or portable to VR / AR) is growing due to the proliferation of 3D printing and VR / AR. Current software is not suited to empower a wider user group to build powerful 3D models. If Vectary can provide a sophisticated yet mass-market design tool and create network effects through its community platform, team collaboration and API strategy it has the ability to become a major platform for the creation of 3D models for a broad audience of makers and designers.

We’re excited to be backing Michal, Pavol and the entire Vectary team on their mission. Here’s a TechCrunch article with a few more details.

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