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Blue Tiki
2 min readFeb 28, 2022

Let us introduce BTIKI, a social token for the planet!

What is Blue Tiki?

Blue Tiki is a project aiming to incentivize and reward environmentally positive actions amongst future fighters and the eco-community at large.

By partnering with Socialstack on the technical side, we ensure easy access to the environmental blockchain revolution so that it’s not just for crypto-natives, but the whole community.

Together with Starboard, one of the strongest forces in the world of watersports and environmental actions, as well as the revolutionizing apparel brand SOMWR, Blue Tiki will engage and activate far beyond just the crypto, fashion and watersports communities.

Blue Tiki is built on Celo Network, a carbon negative blockchain, and will bring environmental engagement into web 3.0. We all have a role to play in the fight against environmental deterioration and by using blockchain technology we enable everyone to do their part regardless of who they are, where they live, or which board they ride.

What can you do with BTIKI at launch?

  • Buy SOMWR 10x climate positive clothes. For each item our POP (Plastic Offset Program) team also collects 1.1 kg ocean/beach plastic trash.
  • Plant Mangrove trees in our climate park in Myanmar
  • Get involved in the movement. Follow our Twitter for updates on community events!

As a holder you will also have a say on utility in the near future. Our goal is to bring the community together around the issues we’re facing. To get started, head on over to


We’re launching at ETHDenver and we expect you to be there, whether physically, digitally or spiritually.

What does the future hold?

Later this year, the goal is to introduce staking for the community. You will be able to lock your BTIKI and earn rewards and have a say on future decisions for the movement.

We want the community, all of you, to run the project and the connected brands together with us.

How to get involved

We’re looking for feedback. Get involved and let us know how we can best move forward!

Join Blue Tiki community discord:

Follow us or send a DM on Twitter: @BTiki_

For more on the roadmap and updated project information:

Reach out to us:

Together for a better planet,

Blue Tiki



Blue Tiki

Creating the next wave of enviromental supporters through blockchain techonology.