I thought I had it all figured out….

Day one:

Okay first entry…hmmm…what to write, you’d think I’d have something in mind. Oh shit…work…well there’s always that place…fun. As per usual there’s me trying to be upbeat and then by lunchtime I get a phone call from the parents telling me that I need to sort out my life and the same old shit they are used to telling me.

You would think that a woman my age would’ve got everything figured out, life plan would’ve gone exactly how it I thought it would. What happens when life throws you in another direction? Do you try and make it better? Make it your mission to go back to where you left it? Or do you deal with it?!

As I was getting the usual yelling in my ear over the phone I thought…maybe life..Might’ve been better. Then halfway through lunch the line goes dead and I get an aggregated message about how I’m not listening or something terrible to make me feel bad.

The guilt trip.

My parents favourite weapon just so that you feel guilty for their mistakes for no reason at all. Love it when they do this, it gears me up to be a lot stronger than I am now, but I try my best not to let them think that. It’s like that filipino comedian joy ko, the videos all over Facebook, about filipino mums…so true. They would shit on your dreams.

Anything in the arts and film department is a no no, being a writer is a no no. I think I’ve heard all the negative insults and cristism from family so even if so-called friends tried to tell me stuff like “I can’t do this” or “leave it for a paid profession”. I’ve heard it all before…anyways got to go back to work. It’s raining…ah crap, would I look funny if I put a plastic bag around my shoes?

(story is fictional)