My first writing

I walk through the hallway of an old Victorian hotel, looking at the room numbers in orange gold, I find the number I’m looking for 269. I knock, the door is gently opened and I’m received by your two sparkling eyes, you wearing a black dress, the one I admired as it shows your lovely figure.

Our lips meet as the door locks behind us, the kiss is taking us away from the world from the world. Whilst kissing hands gently glide over the texture of our clothes feeling the reaction of the touches and kisses on our bodies. You push and guide me further in your room till I reach a chair, strategically placed in front of your bed. You gently push me on it unlocking our lips. Our eyes meet I see you biting your lip and I feel like someone is sitting on my chest, breathing becomes harder.

You come closer and sit on my lap, wrapping your legs arround me. Our lips meet again, my hands gliding slowly down your back, fingertips moving Inch by inch. Reaching the bottom of your black dress, the fingertips reach the border of your dress, a frontier to cross. The discover the satin feeling of your skin, and fail to discover the lace, the silk of your underwear. The discovery lets my heart my heart to skip a beat. You look at me with a cheeky smile, discovering my reaction to what my fingertips just failed to find. Your eyes sparkle the color I don’t see, just the sparkle, as our lips move closer, I close mine, entering your world again. I feel your hands crawling over my body, towards my hands.
You guide my hands to a black zip of your dress, zipping it open it reveals the red and blue lining of your dress, you stand up and you let the dress slide of your gorgeous body. I follow the path of this with my eyes. Unlocking my eyes from your sparkle, I see your cute nose, followed by your sensual lips, as my eyes pass I see how you sensually bite these. I continue passing your most elegant, even royal neck.
I stop, I need to rest, something or somebody just sat on my chest. Your dress reveales your naked shoulders, and never before I realized how much this was arousing, your dress stops. It might have only been a fraction of a second, but fell like minutes. The shape of your perfect breast was half revealed, the rounding, the valley and the other steep climb, a climb I would always venture. The dress was slowed down, by the summon of your perfect lovers. The pink revealed and not revealed at all.
The dress fell down, stopping just below your flat stomach, Your hand reaches out and lifts my head up. our eyes seem to be locked to each other once again.
I still admire the beauty of your body, not by my eyes, my fingertips taking up the feel of your satin skin I experience, as they explore your body, their path mappedby my eyes before. Moving from your neck slowly down your chest, ever so gentle, tasting the touches to my soul. I kiss your breast once my fingertips explore them. The feeling has changed, the air got thicker, breathing has now become different for both of us.

You stop me, look at me again with this magic sparkle as you are biting your lip. And before I realize it, you have tied one of my wrists to the chair, still baffled in the moment the other get tied up as well.

You get up, and I realize now that you are wearing these Devine black pumps with hints of red. I let my eyes roll over your body while you go past me, and put your hands on my shoulders, and let them gently move down towards the buttons whilst kissing my neck .

Once your gentle hands unbuttoned my shirt you came back to the front, opening my belt and buttons of my trousers. I feel your fingers touching my skin, your lips touching my chest and see the surprise as you discover I don’t wear underwear. You pull my trousers slightly down , your lips moving towards mine, and to not kiss them at the very last moment, there is that cheeky smile again, I grow to love. You kiss my neck following your silk fingers on a path down. I feel them slide down, bit by bit, brushing by my revealed parts, discovering my ticklish place, you look up, I feel your fingers around me, moving with gentle movements, your lips bringing the excitement to a top, I bite my lip of enjoyment. You stop, get up and look at my hunger, my longing for you.

You put your hands in your neck, and let them glide over your body, slowly, extremely sensual, my eyes follow your hands and look up to your eyes, I see the joy in your eyes as you see the excitement this is bringing to me, you get on the bed, you slightly open your legs in front of me, and close them again, you let your upperback and head rest on the pile of pillows on your bed. Your eyes locked on mine, my breathing is impossible, my heart is jumping out of my chest, your obe hand moves Now from your lips, over your chin, over the gorgeous neck, as I see it go further down, over your chest, your breasts your nipples, belly, to reach your secret place, I see the reaction of your face and body as you touch yourself, I see the quick movement of your hand, the sensual game you play, I’m going mad, your breathing becomes louder, as you throw your head backwards, your body moves more and more excited, It is as I feel what you are feeling.. Your body tenses up, the breathing has changed into gentle moaning .. I see your body tremble, the expression on your face … Your body relaxes a contempt smile appears on your face, followed by that cheeky grin…