How to Quit Blue Whale Challenge Game and Save Yourself

Save yourself from Blue Whale Challenge

More seriously, it happens when the Blue Whale Challenge is over or I can say, worse things start to happen when you think to start this game. This game is very dangerous, it focuses mainly on teenagers to take their life. Last November, one of the game’s creators was arrested in Russia.

He said the challenge of “cleaning up society” by eliminating “people who are not worth it”. I want to say what kind of ideology is this, these people are not useless, take care of their own depression in life, we must arrange to prevent this society from cleaning up business.

All I want to say is that you are the only person responsible for what happens to you in life. Do not let it go so easily. I ask organisations and individuals to publicise this self-stimulating suicide game.

If someone threatens you or your family if you do not finish the game, tell your parents, the police or other adults. The chances of someone coming after you or the people you love are very, very small, but knowledge is power. Let someone know what is going on and they will help you. If the person you say is not helpful, inform the others until you find someone to help you.

I read this game a week before and spent almost every detail accessible.

Let me give you a mathematical answer.

So far, it is reported that almost 150 people were killed by this game.

But the popularity of this game is huge, which means that at least thousands of people have tried this game Blue Whale and have stopped commenting half of the potential threat realization.

When these thousands of people left the game halfway, there would have been threats from the administrator, but there are no reported cases.

It’s simple that managers are not serial killers. It is these cowards who never present themselves and take advantage of the people of the week. The week, people fall more easily into the trap. In particular, young people think they are the most intelligent people in the universe and do not need advice. Not even his parents. And when managers threaten, they fall into a trap and commit suicide.

In short, hunters can not kill you with their own hands. They can only play with their minds.

Advise the young people that if they are in a trap, immediately consult their parents and elders.

If someone has your private information or say your complete information and you force them to end their life, do not even think about those things. If they have your information, let it be that you can not end your life because of this. Remember that you only live once, so live every moment according to you, not

Share this information with as many people as you can so you can save innocent lives.

Source: Blue Whale APK