Meet the 2017 Poverty Alleviation through Action Summer Fellows at UC Davis!

The UC Davis Blum Center for Developing Economies has selected its newest group of Summer Fellows to address poverty head on, sending students to countries on four continents.

Each year the UC Davis Blum Center selects students for its Poverty Alleviation through Action Summer Fellow Program. This year, over 25 undergraduate students will travel to 14 countries to fight poverty and inequality through research and service projects on topics ranging from sustainable tourism in Cusco, Peru, teacher training in Tamilnadu, India, to enhancing water filtration systems in Dusun Sogra, Indonesia. Each fellow will partner with a non-profit organization to foster sustainable impacts on the ground via their projects.

Blum Student Fellows at their preparation seminar for working abroad

To support this newest cohort, the Blum Center hosted a seminar over the spring to develop the skills and knowledge needed to facilitate a successful project. The training involved Blum staff, past fellows and practitioners in the international development field, to discuss common experiences and challenges abroad. Notably, the UC Davis Blum Center has developed numerous partnerships with nonprofits within the US and abroad. This led to the Center releasing an NGO directory earlier this year, listing nonprofits open to having UC Davis students work with them to implement local projects addressing poverty. For more information, please visit the following article.

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