What’s the connection between toilets and gender equality?

“Dignity and modesty forbids them [women] from showing themselves in these very exposed toilets, so we wait until dark. But the dark, is not nice. The minute it is dark, you’re at risk. Stray dogs, stray snakes, stray men.”

Isha Ray, an affiliated faculty at UC Berkeley’s Blum Center for Developing Economies, recently presented a talk at TedX Berkeley on how ensuring safe access to toilets is a critical, and too often overlooked, component of gender equality. With expertise in development, sanitation and gender, Dr. Ray sheds light on how the seemingly private act of going to the toilet has key implications for gender equality in employment, education, and personal dignity. Listen to this engaging talk by clicking here, and discover other development experts by visiting the UC Berkeley Blum Center’s affiliated faculty webpage.

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