Animale it

He pointed to a weird looking restaurant across the street and asked us,

“Why don’t we just go there?”

We were beginning to do that thing where friends dive into a long, sometimes heated, debate about where to eat. To avoid this exhausting activity, we all agreed and walked in.

The chalk menu boards were written in a language that was a little too cool for me. Fortunately, the kind women behind the counter helped me through it.

After not really understanding what I just ordered, I paid an outrageous sum of money and grabbed a table with the guys.

This is where I explain why I’m eternally grateful we wandered into this place. The food was absolutely … okay. Like it was alright. However, I did learn an important lesson that day. Small decisions, like where to eat, are not worth long outstretched debates.

Eating food with friends is better than debating about where to eat food with friends. Just make a decision and try a new place.

Animale it.