Here’s why I think Barcelona don’t really value their team.

Those of you who are reading this who know anything about me, will know I’m no football pundit. I’m not even really into Football. Yet if the recent transfer fee of £200million paid by Paris St Germain to Barcelona for the services of Brazilian footballer Neymar, surprised you as much as it did me. It also got me thinking.

It was an article on the transfer by the BBC’s Spanish football writer, Andy West which made me draw comparisons to a paralle we see in business. Most of us in some way interact everyday within a team. Sometimes we win together, sometimes we lose together. The point is we do those things, experiences those ups and downs — together.

Andy West’s article really struck a chord with me. It was the night which Barcelona had made the comeback of all comebacks by scoring 3 goals in the final 7 minutes to beat (ironically) Paris St Germain 6–5 in the champions league.

It was just by chance that I had seen that game and so I wholeheartedly agreed with Andy’s view that the night most certainly did belong to Neymar, who was inspirational in helping his team win. So why then did his teammate Lionel Messi receive the plaudits? Why was he hauled up on shoulders and paraded around the ground, hailed as the catalyst behind the comeback? Well he’s Messi ofcourse, he’s the star of the team, the global star of football and one of the best players to ever play the game. That’s where it all went wrong for that team.

When, as we read yesterday that Neymar said he didn’t move for the money. Few people will believe him. I however do.

I believe he moved because, not only did he want a new challenge as he says, but more importantly he wanted to be part of a team, a true team. A team which wins together and loses together. Celebrates together, commiserates together. He said himself he didn’t go to PSG to be the star.

And so the conclusions I came to are two-fold; in business we can be just as guilty sometimes of not sharing success together, but we can be equally guilty of not recognising individual contributions. It is however possible to do both. It’s important to do both. Maybe it’s just the way we go about it and that this is something which Barcelona should have thought about that night and the subsequent days after. I’m sure they have a PR team, right!

The situation after all could have been managed and another star player, no matter what the price would not have wanted to join any other team. Barcelona, like many businesses who lose quality staff, could have and should have protected the team by managing the Individuals.